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MTA full speed ahead with plans to jump LIRR prices, tolls in March

The cost of a Long Island Rail Road ticket can increase by as much as $ 15 a month next…

The cost of a Long Island Rail Road ticket can increase by as much as $ 15 a month next March according to MTA’s latest proposal for ticket price and fee raising – the seventh increase over the past 10 years.

Proposed increases, which on average would be about 4 percent but would be significantly more for some public transport customers and drivers, came as service at LIRR and the metro has fallen to historic low and as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority says its fiscal prospects have deteriorated .

“We will try to do what we can – try to keep the prices reasonable because it is important. But by the end of the day, we need enough revenue to keep our system safe, reliable and in good condition. which avoids it, says Acting MTA Chairman Fernando Ferrer, who specifically looked at LIRR riders for the highest dollar amount in ticket price hikes, although performance on time was lowest in almost two decades. “Difference increases go hand in hand with maintenance and service . “
Under the plan, the maximum increase in weekly and monthly LIRR tickets would be 3.85 percent, with dollar increases up to $ 1

5 for monthly tickets and $ 5.75 on weekly tickets. Commuters already paying $ 500 or more for its monthly ticket would not see any increase. Only 27 LIRR runners pay that amount or more, MTA officials said.

The cost for One way LIRR tickets should rise 4 percent below the plan, without increases exceeding 50 cents per ticket.

For the LIRR commuter Allen Wone, the planned increase would get its monthly ticket from Ronkonkoma to more than 406 dollars. When he started commuting with railroad 2008, Wone said his ticket cost $ 277.

“It’s a ridiculous increase of 11 years,” says Wone, 46, Holtsville. “And their service has gotten worse …. They do not need more money. They must stop wasting money.”

The MTA Board on Thursday voted to approve the first process of informing the public about the proposed increases, including by schedule public hearings for next month. The board will vote in January on whether the increase will be approved.

Operations Manager MTA Veronique Hakim emphasized that the various proposals represent “high end” of potential interest rate hikes and that the MTA Board could choose to raise them with smaller amounts.

But Robert Foran, MTA’s CFO, said it was not a profitable alternative to negotiate a ticket increase. The agency forecasts a budget deficit that can reach $ 1 billion by 2020. Even with the proposed increases, MTA can say that future cuts on buses and subways may be necessary to close the budget gap. If the board does not approve an increase next year, “We’ll just make the hole much bigger,” said Foran.

MTA Board member Mitchell Pally, representing Suffolk County, said he did not like “Some of the Options” that had been presented to the Board, and – together with other board members – called on the Agency to push government legislators to increase transit funding. The state has not yet handed over a proposal for overload price forwarded by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo last year, which could generate an additional $ 1 billion annually for MTA.

Then. Todd Kaminsky (D-Long Beach), advocated for the LIRR reform and now in the senate majority, agreed that “for a long time, the legislature has starred MTA” and its riders.

“These days must be over, and the legislator needs to strengthen and give MTA the funding it deserves,” said Kaminsky.

MTA suggested various options for increases on buses, subways and tolls on the agency’s bridges and tunnels. at MetroCard includes maintaining the existing $ 2.75 base fee while eliminating “bonuses” against future ticket purchases or raising the base price to $ 3 while the bonus increases. Monthly unlimited trip MetroCards managed to climb $ 127, from the current $ 121. [19659006] While public transport would be raised in the 4 percent range, E-ZPass tariff increases could rise twice as much as one of MTA’s proposal for hike tolls at major crossings by about 50 cents – an 8 percent increase.

LIRR ticket holders

Current Increase Proposed Additional

Monthly 3.85% $ 15 (Max / Month)

Week 3.85% $ 5.75 (Max / Weekly)

A Weighing 4% $ .50 (per ticket) [19659023] $ 500 plus no one

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