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MrBeast made a real battle bus as a gift to FaZe Tfue

December 8, 2018 Technology 0 Views Popular YouTuber Jimmy & # 39; MrBeast & # 39; Donaldson stole Fortnite pro…

Popular YouTuber Jimmy & # 39; MrBeast & # 39; Donaldson stole Fortnite pro FaZe Remove from his power for a couple of hours on December 3rd – and now the fans finally know why.

MrBeast turned a yellow school bus into a real Battle Bus from the massively popular Battle Royal title Fortnite, even pimping out the inside of the vehicle with game sets, merch and a bunk.

MrBeast joined Tfue’s brother, “JOOGSQUAD”, to pull off the stunt and took the bus on a 20-hour road trip from his home in North Carolina all the way to FaZe Fortnite Law House in Hollywood Hills.

While the bus was missing a hot air balloon it still looks like the shining image of the vehicle – and Tfue’s reaction to the present was unforgettable.

The team interrupted Tfue’s power after announcing that they were only 10 minutes away and climbed through the window to celebrate the Victory Royale with a turret – all during a live bridge adcast. They then pushed the player and led him outside to the bus, be sure to film his incredible reaction.

The group then drove the bus around – even stopped by a traffic police after parking the bus at the edge and jumped into a canal.

Tfue returned to his power (who still managed to retrieve 18,000 viewers, despite his long absence) with a ripped t-shirt, claiming he just left for a trip to the bathroom. While MrBeast had Tweeted about a possible collab with streams, the two managed to keep it secret – until now.

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