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MPAA goes after the IFC on the evening director's Cut Screenings of “The House That Jack Built”

Before the release of the classified "R" version of Lars von Trier controversial new film The House That Jack built…

Before the release of the classified “R” version of Lars von Trier controversial new film The House That Jack built on December 14, a director’s Cut version of movies played select theaters tonight, for one night only, and it seems that these screenings have landed IFC Films in some hot water. According to MPAA, they have violated the rules big time.

As reported by Deadline, MPAA has ruled that tonight’s one-night director’s Cut Screenings of The House That Jack Built violates the group’s rules because the site says “” rather than being the shortened R- Classified version that hits theaters in two weeks, they were by a particular gorier orated director . “

The page adds, ” IFC faces potential sanctions on screening .”

MPAA said in a statement tonight that ” communicated with distributor IFC Films that the screening of a non-classified version of movies in the near vicinity of the nominal version &#821

1; without any exception – violates the classification system rules. The effectiveness of MPAA rating depends on our ability to maintain trust in American parents. That’s why the rules clearly outline the proper use of the grades. Failure to comply with rules may cause confusion among parents and undermine the rating system – and may lead to sanctions against the movie’s sender . ”

A hearing in the near future will allow IFC to claim their case, and MPAA may recall the rating they had issued to the film. If MPAA revoked the “R” rating they had recently issued to The House That Jack Built the film would probably be insoluble in the theaters.

We report more about this development story as we learn new information.

In the movie Matt Dillon ] stars as a serial killer who looks at their murder as a work of art. Uma Thurman ( Death Count ) Bruno Ganz ( Fallout ) and Riley Keough Mad Max: Fury Road ] also starred with South Korean actors, Yu Ji-tae best known for us genre fans as an antagonist in Park Chan-wooks 2003 hard-boiled thriller Oldboy.

Rafael reviewed the film from Sitges and explained that “Nihilism by Lars von Trier’s Dark Comedy The House That Jack Built Rivals American Psycho .”

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