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Motorola One Power: a Motorola with notch to the iPhone X


Without knowing anything about the same Motorola has announced a device called Motorola One Power . The first thing that draws attention to this device is that we see the Moto abbreviation disappear in favor of Motorola, which means that Lenovo has decided to give more prominence to the brand that one day bought Google and that later became “Moto by Lenovo. ”

Another of the elements that irremediably stand out in this Motorola One Power is the presence of a notch on the front of the phone, because if we are not mistaken, it is the first smartphone of the company to resort to this design solution, which does not stop being a declaration of intentions in a company that had not been characterized by the most risky designs precisely.

Motorola One Power: Apple’s iPhone X

Not only is a notch present, but in the back we find a system of double camera in vertical position which is also similar to the one used by the iPhone X; and although it would not be the first company to make use of this design, it does call attention to Motorola, characterized by having a very own style in all its phones, especially in regard to the arrangement of the cameras.

In short, although this Motorola is not as original as others, it is still a very attractive smartphone in sight, and we recognize that Motorola logo on that narrow bottom bezel looks great on the phone. In addition, Motorola does not give up its usual logo on the back center of the device, which as in other occasions, serves to house the fingerprint reader.

Motorola One Power: a Motorola with notch to the iPhone X

As can be deduced from the name of the device, the Motorola One Power is a device that will work with the operating system Android One , as Moto X4 did last year, so presumably you will enjoy a quick update service.

According to the source consulted, this Motorola could also be the first mobile with Android One to reach the US, which is quite striking.

Some unknown technical characteristics

Motorola has not yet confirmed anything about the processor, RAM or storage of its next device, so being a new series, it is difficult to speculate about the range in which this device would be located.

At first, smartphones with notch used to be high-end, but after seeing the notch in many Chinese proposals and even in a mid-range terminal like the Nokia X6, it is very difficult to know what Motorola has in mind.

Motorola One Power: a Motorola with notch to the iPhone X

Motorola One Power: a Motorola with notch to the iPhone X

Some rumors suggested that it would be the Moto X5 the one chosen to adopt an “all-screen” design, but a leak of the latter device shows us a more classic design phone despite having small edges, so it is conceivable that Motorola has no plans to end the X series and that this Motorola One Power was born with its own identity as well as the Xiaomi A1 that also house Android One inside.

Motorola One Power: a Motorola with notch to the iPhone X

Motorola One Power: a Motorola with notch to the iPhone X

Yes, we can draw some conclusions about where this device would point based on the available images, since the presence of a double photographic sensor both in the front (notch is quite broad) and in the back, tell us that this device has some clear photographic aspirations.

For now we can not boast anything else, but once the closure of the leaks is open, it will be a matter of days that either by Geekbench, by TENAA or by some filtering tweeter, we know more about the return of Motorola.