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Motorola becomes the first smartphone maker to offer a DIY repair kit

October 24, 2018 Technology 0 Views What happened just? Repair of electronics is rarely easy. Motorola has collaborated with iFixit…

What happened just? Repair of electronics is rarely easy. Motorola has collaborated with iFixit to ensure that anyone who needs a new battery or display device can get one with all the necessary tools to perform repair.

Fixing your own electronics has become more difficult as parts become smaller and manufacturers resort to actions that make opening devices harder. Motorola has now become the first smartphone manufacturer to offer a repair package.

Through a partnership with iFixit, Motorola offers screen and digitizer assemblies, as well as replacement batteries that contain the necessary tools to make replacement. A handful of plastic picks, a pair of tweezers, suction tools and precision pieces arrive with all kits to make a Motorola phone much less difficult.

At a time when electronic waste is a problem that is not yet resolved, extending the life of the devices is important. Other manufacturers, notorious Apple, have turned their noses at repair shops and do not offer any opportunity to let customers fix their own devices. Instead, consumers are forced to pay for expensive in-house repair services that should be called replacement services. Apple does not repair any components. Problems are solved by replacing entire circuit boards or devices that create more electronic waste.

A replacement battery for a Moto phone will drive you $ 39.99 and contains all necessary tools. Screen shifts for cheaper Moto models like the Moto G4, G5 and Z are $ 99.99. Moto Z Force Droid and Droid Turbo 2 replacement screens sell for $ 199.99, including toolboxes.

In the future, other manufacturers like Samsung may follow and make it easier for consumers to continue using their devices. Even if you’re not the one to repair your own gadgets, easy accessibility with official repair guides enables third party stores that easily support repairs on multiple devices.

Image Credit: iFixit Moto Z Droid Force Repair Guide

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