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Motorola also works on a mobile with flexible screen


Everything points to the fact that the next big revolution in mobile telephony will be that of flexible screen phones, and we are not referring to folding models, such as ZTE Axon M . Now we have also known that Motorola also works in a mobile with flexible screen thanks to a new patent of the filtered brand.

Last week we echoed the update of the first Android One mobile of the brand to Android 8.1, thanks to Android One and its pure Android updates program that counts.

Mobile with flexible screen of Motorola with airs of Lenovo Yoga

In recent weeks we are seeing numerous patents from different manufacturers that are developing phones with flexible screens. As we said before, it would not be a mobile phone with the folding screen, like the ZTE Axon M , joining two screens, it would be a screen able to bend and reach a larger size unfolded . In the case of the Motorola patent we are facing this flexible mobile model. Since as you can see it would have a continuous screen, in no case split, so your material should be flexible.

Motorola also works on a mobile with flexible screen

This Motorola patent has one aspect in its design that reminds us a lot of Lenovo brand laptops , its owner. In fact we can see a Hinge very similar to that of Yoga laptops , that probably would be metallic. This system would allow the main screen of the terminal to unfold and have the size of a tablet, perhaps, depending on the size of the panels, between 7 and 10 inches. But this is not all, because the patent leaves us a curious use of the camera of this terminal.

As contemplates the taking of stereoscopic photographs in 3D with its two cameras, rear and front jointly. Something that would be possible when the screen is deployed, since both cameras would be aligned in the same direction. And they could be used in this way, undoubtedly an ingenious use of both cameras taking advantage of the unique design of this phone. This patent was registered by Lenovo in mid-March, so it is quite recent. Something that undoubtedly reveals that since the Asian giant and explore ways to develop their own mobile with flexible screen, which as it seems, will be the next big leap for mobile phones.