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Moto G6: contact and first opinion

646 Nobody escapes that the Moto G5 or Moto G5S they did not enjoy the same popularity as Motorola’s old…


Nobody escapes that the Moto G5 or Moto G5S they did not enjoy the same popularity as Motorola’s old flagship terminals. The acquisition of the company by Lenovo seemed to lose the interest of users towards a brand that now returns to the market at the top of the hand of the Moto G6 , recovering part of the identity that was so successful.

High-end features at mid-range price. This was what we found in the old Moto G that became a sales success in our country. Now the firm recovers part of its essence and incorporates high-end features in an economic terminal such as the Moto G6 . As proof of this you can take a look at the Moto G6 data sheet where a full screen with 18: 9 aspect ratio stands out, as well as a double camera in the back.

Beyond technical characteristics, after testing the Moto G6 in this first touchdown we can assure you that we are facing a terminal that will delight both the fans of the brand, as well as lovers of having the latest features of the market without investing a salary in them.

What stands out most of the mobile, at least of the model we have tried, is the leap in aesthetics and design enjoyed by the smartphone. It has curved profiles developed thanks to the 3D glass of its body that places it among the most beautiful mobile phones that we can buy for less than 250 euros. East Moto G6 Silver color has a mirror effect that gives a more original touch to the smartphone.

The Moto G6 feels very light in the hand and also, despite what might seem for its finish, does not slip out of hand. The size is perfect to hold with one hand and its touch is most pleasant.

Moto G6: contact and first opinion

The camera is perhaps, along with the screen, the highlight of the smartphone . It has precise manual controls and allows you to bring the portrait mode to the tightest budgets thanks to the presence of double 12 + 5 mpx sensor . Also this time the Moto G6 It has Artificial Intelligence technology (somewhat limited, of course) that allows adding new recognition functions to the photographic section.

In terms of power and performance, little can be thrown in the face of a terminal that works with a Snapdragon 450 and 3 GB of RAM. Android 8.0 is in charge of controlling everything we find in the Motorola phone . Of course, this first opinion of the Moto G6 it has been done thanks to the short period of time that we have been able to test the terminal, so we will soon extract it thoroughly in its corresponding analysis to expose its weaknesses and strengths.

Moto G6 Gallery

In addition to the video with the contact and first Moto G6 opinion , we also leave you a score of photographs in the next gallery where you can see first-hand how everything we tell is not exaggeration. In these pictures you can see the aforementioned premium finish of the phone that presumes and that surely turns the terminal into a sales success.

Moto G6: contact and first opinion

Moto G6: contact and first opinion

We will see if finally the firm manages to return to be what it was and enjoy the same approval that enjoyed those 3rd generation Moto G Y Moto G4 by the users. Only time has the answer to this question but at least we can assure that Lenovo-Motorola is not going to stop trying and, at least as we can see in this Moto G6, would be very close to get it.

Now the ball is on the roof of the users.

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