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More to the moon than to light up the night sky | sports

Thanksgiving week is almost here and the much-anticipated opening morning of the buck firearm season begins on Monday. Thousands of…

Thanksgiving week is almost here and the much-anticipated opening morning of the buck firearm season begins on Monday. Thousands of orange-skinned hunters will meet the forest with high expectations of watching a nice buck. The route is in and the weather always plays a role in how many hunters do and how much money is taken during the first week.

There will be plenty of hunting stories to tell and the subject can vary, but it’s all about deer hunting in one way or another. A topic that is often talked about is the moon phase. It is well known for hunters that during the full moon deer will move more at night and sometimes less during the daytime.

This can create a few slow days in the stand, but there is more to the moon than to light up the night sky. Year’s value of data has shown a correlation with the moon’s position and phase to when deer is more likely to be active. There are several moon strengths and maps to see which ones have large and smaller moving times.

The main feeding times occur when the moon points over the head or when the moon is directly below a place on the surface of the earth. Large feed times are stated in two hour increments and less feed times in one hour increment. When these feeding times occur close to sunrise or sunset, a top scorer for deer hunters is set as the increased motion occurs during today’s best hours to hunt.

With all that said, the first week of the bucks season will take a full moon on Friday after Thanksgiving Day. That day, November 23, is listed as a “best season” of the season to hunt for the best deer hunting hunting hunt calendar for November 201


I have looked at the moon’s guides and charts for the past few years and have noticed that I see deer under The big and smaller times indicated. Sometimes they are in the middle of the day when hunters take a lunch break. I still chase when I get the chance, but the moon guide can help when time is limited and you want to optimize your chances of being out there during the best hours.

Of course, we talk about the buck season when something can happen at any time. You never know when your neighbor or another hunter can jump a buck that goes in your direction. The box will be in, which always leads to unpredictable motion.

It only takes a bit of heat to run like a buck is likely to be trailing. You never know what’s going to happen during the buck season, especially during the first three days when most hunters are in the woods. The weather always plays a factor in the first three days, so we have to look at the forecast and hope for good hunting conditions.

The moon and stars are lined up and another puppet season is over us. I hope for cold, crisp temperatures without rain and wind. Good luck to all those who dare out this year. Be sure and enjoy your time in our West Virginia hills and holes.

The best deer hunt-deer hunting calendar for November 2018 is available at Enter the zip code of the area you are hunting to see big and smaller times for each day.

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