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More real photos of the Xiaomi Mi 7 show its metal body

425 He Xiaomi Mi 7 is the next Chinese terminal that occupies our attention, with permission from OnePlus 6 that…


He Xiaomi Mi 7 is the next Chinese terminal that occupies our attention, with permission from OnePlus 6 that should be presented in less than a month. For the top of the range there is still no official filing date, but after the amount of leaks we are attending, we hope it will be sooner than later.

The weekend we saw a image of the smartphone that raised our suspicions of being a fake, an image treated with Photoshop to show much of the Features of the Xiaomi Mi 7 that have been leaking in the past days.

Now a new compendium of images appears, which, strangely, only show the profiles of the phone, that is, nothing front or rear so we can not confirm the rumored 18: 9 format of the mobile screen, as well as the arrangement of the double camera that would mount the phone following what is seen in the Xiaomi Mi 6 , its most direct predecessor.

Photos of the Xiaomi Mi 7

As we did days ago, we can not give these images enough truth, because until there are confirmations from the brand we can not guarantee anything. To give them for certain we would at least know that one of the colors in which the Xiaomi Mi 7 You could buy it would be the white color.

We also discovered that the phone would be made of metal and glass and present a USB Type C on the bottom accompanied by a single speaker, nothing stereo, as well as the usual volume control buttons and lock on the right profile of the mobile, together with the space for SIM card in the left profile.

We do not even have a date yet for the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 7 , as we announced at the beginning of the article, but we know that the smartphone will become part of the terminals that are struggling to become the best smartphone of the year. For this, it will sport a Snapdragon 845 accompanied by 6 or 8 GB of RAM and a storage that could reach 256 GB.

We do not believe that Xiaomi is going to present MIUI 10 before launch of the Xiaomi Mi 7 , so the mobile operating system would be MIUI 9 based on Android 8.1 Oreo. Its battery could be 3,500 mAh and the screen of the terminal would approach 6 inches thanks to the adoption of the full screen format already available in other ranges of its catalog.

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