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More Dead Sea Roles may be hidden in newly discovered caves

A 1 947 excavation of The Dead Sea Scrolls.[Universal History Archive / UIG via Getty Images] Dead Sea Scrolls can…

Dead Sea Scrolls can be hidden in two newly discovered caves in Israel.

LiveScience reports that the caves, named 53b and 53c, are close to caves where known artifacts were found. However, archaeologists who dug the sites have not yet found any new rolls.

In a paper presented at this year’s American Schools for Oriental Research Meeting in Denver last month, the archaeologists Randall Price of Liberty University and Oren Gutfeld of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem explained that cave 53b has revealed some of their secrets. Earlier this year a rare bronze pot and an old oil lamp were found in the cave. “Other discoveries included large amounts of ceramics that represented shop pots, bottles, cups and pans and pieces of woven textiles, braided ropes and strings,” they explain in an abstract from their paper.


Archaeologists find that the caves have at least partially removed the attention of looters in recent decades. “The significance of this discovery means the new evidence that the caves south of Qumran represent sealed loci, despite Bedouin’s attempt to rob those places,” they write abstractly.

The caves at Qumran on the western edge of the Dead Sea, the location of where Dead Sea rolls were discovered. Dated 1950.
(Universal History Archive / UIG via Getty Images)

The first Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1946 and 1947 in the Qumran caves of the Jewish desert. Additional rolls were found in subsequent years until 1956. A total of 1,000 ancient religious manuscripts were discovered. The delicate fragments of parchment and papyrus were preserved in 2000 due to the dark dry conditions in the caves.

LiveScience reports that most Dead Sea Roles were found in 11 caves discovered between 1946 and 1956. A single blank scroll was found in a 12th cave discovered in 2017. Browse pots, blue covers, an early Bronze Age, Neolithic arrowheads and ceramics were also discovered in the cave .


Dead Sea Role is a Still Fascinating Source. Earlier this year, researchers at Haifa University announced that they translated one of the last two parts of the Dead Sea Role.

In October, the Bible’s Museum in Washington confirmed DC that five of its 16 Dead Sea Scroll fragments are fake.

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