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More custom ROMs for Xiaomi smartphones if it delivers on its promise


Because of its balance between price and the benefits they offer, Xiaomi smartphones they have gained an important place in the global market. However, it is not all gold that shines and the firm has a black mark in terms of updates of software is concerned. Not only that, but alternative developers also find it difficult to create Custom ROM . A point that could change if the Chinese manufacturer meets its latest promise.

If you are familiar with the Android Scene , you will know that the custom ROM development It is one of the most prominent parts of this one. A work in charge of developers involved with the cause that make true beams with the source code of Android. However, for them to have the ability to modify the software of smartphones with Android It is necessary that the manufacturers release, at least, the source code of the used kernel. At this point, Xiaomi’s attitude is not precisely that of collaborating openly. This would be about to change.

More custom ROMs for Xiaomi smartphones if …

… If Xiaomi puts his last promise into practice. The truth is that it is something that has already been committed in the past, but this time there seems to be signs that it is a firm proposal. At least they let him see from XDA , the main core in which the custom ROM developers are concentrated for Android devices. After a query made by the portal to the manufacturer, it surprisingly responded to the doubts of the developers.

A representative of Xiaomi has publicly confirmed that the company aims to launch the source code of the kernel his new models in a maximum term of three months . In this way, with this software developers are able to modify the original ROM to create custom ROMs, with differentiating elements and optimizations that, in most cases, surpass the tools and features offered by the company’s smartphones. China.

It is not a favor, it is an obligation

The truth is that the statement of Xiaomi is rather a moral obligation, especially after the uproar created around the Xiaomi Mi A1 . This one, the first Android One smartphone of the company, did not have kernel source code available until relatively recently. A much more striking case than the rest of the devices of the firm since its system is Android native , without modifications made by the manufacturer as is the case MIUI . After many complaints, it was released a little over a month ago.

More custom ROMs for Xiaomi smartphones if it delivers on its promise

The funny thing of all is that Xiaomi has the obligation to offer the source code of the kernel because of the nature of the software that it uses to develop its firmwares. We must remember that part of Android is governed by a GNU license . This indicates that the manufacturers can use the code and modify it, but not appropriate it and, in addition, has to publish the source code of it so that any user can use it to their liking.