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More clues about iPhone prices for 2018, including iPhone SE 2


Forbes, the prestigious publisher based on the business world, has just published an interesting article that has allowed us to know some very revealing things about the upcoming iPhone X 2018 that Apple will release in a few months. Now we know a little more about your prices , but also design of these new devices.

Forbes has confirmed that effectively, Apple will launch a total of 4 devices this year. 3 of them will be the rumored iPhone X, iPhone X Plus and iPhone X “low cost”, while the fourth terminal would be, as you can guess, the iPhone SE.

Dates and possible design of the iPhone X 2018

While the 3 iPhone X 2018 would arrive in September , the renewal of the iPhone SE would be ahead of this month of June . Of course, and taking the information with all caution, Forbes says that the design of the iPhone SE it will not be like that of a miniature iPhone X, but it will resume the aspect of Original SE iPhone of 2016.

This last information contradicts everything we had handled in recent weeks and even with this article about the screen protector for iPhone SE 2 published a few hours ago, but the truth is that it is plausible that what we have been seeing as the iPhone SE 2 is nothing other than the iPhone X 2018 while what is advertised as iPhone X 2018 is nothing other than the iPhone X Plus.

More clues about iPhone prices for 2018, including iPhone SE 2

The truth is that if we look at the photograph of both protectors , the smallest fits in excess with a device that would be around 5.8 / 6 inches, while the second protector seems too wide to be the standard version and points more to a Plus version around 6.5 inches.

Forbes has also informed us that the iPhone SE 2018 will use the internal hardware of iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, although this is nothing that has not been said before. What is important is that the price of the new iPhone SE will be higher that of the 350 euros of the original device, something understandable if you use more powerful hardware (although also more than amortized, everything is said).

There would not be an iPhone X 2018 of about 5 inches

According to Forbes, the iPhone X 2018 will not be around 5 inches as many expected, but would follow the line of 5.8 inches of the current iPhone X . Something that will also happen to Most economical iPhone , that would have a diagonal of 6.1 inches , and therefore will be intermediate in size with respect to the 2 most premium smartphones.

More clues about iPhone prices for 2018, including iPhone SE 2

More clues about iPhone prices for 2018, including iPhone SE 2

Regarding the iPhone X 2018 cheapest price , and according to Forbes, this would be higher than the $ 550 initially announced, with a price that would move around the 700 euros , which undoubtedly reformulates the concept of “cheap”. This iPhone X 2018 “low cost” would be made of aluminum , I would use Face ID, but I would have a single rear camera.

A cheaper iPhone X 2018

Not everything is bad news according to Forbes, because although the cheap iPhone X is around 700 euros, the iPhone X standard You must lower your price to allow the iPhone X 2018 in its Plus version to start below 1000 euros, which leads us to think that this device would be around 850 euros , a price similar to that which was Galaxy S9 .

Other data leaked to Forbes is that the 3 models of iPhone X 2018 will include fast chargers inside the box, which undoubtedly represents an important saving compared to the combo iPhone X / quick charger of 2017.

More clues about iPhone prices for 2018, including iPhone SE 2

More clues about iPhone prices for 2018, including iPhone SE 2

There is less, in theory, left to doubt about the iPhone SE. Now it only remains to see if the sales of the iPhone X 2018 are as expected or again fall below expectations; although with a cheaper “standard” iPhone X, it is likely that Apple will reap a new success.