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They were killed together – and now they will rest in peace together. The New Jersey family in four slaughtered…

They were killed together – and now they will rest in peace together.

The New Jersey family in four slaughtered at their burning Colts Neck mansion – allegedly by a relative – was cremated and their remains put in a single urn on display at their funeral on Sunday.

The ashes of Keith and Jennifer Caneiro and their two young children, Jesse and Sophie, were placed in the single-blue-white marble eagle, bearing their name and date of birth, and placed themselves in a position prominent at the Holmdel Funeral Home’s sanctuary during services there . Four red roses indicating the dead were arranged around the urn.

Tears flowed freely outside the New Jersey funeral home, where the four victims of a cruel quadrupleman were memorialized in the wake and funeral.

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00 people lined up outside the funeral home to say goodbye to the family – after police say Keith’s greedy brother Paul killed them over money at Keith’s house on November 20th and extinguished their homes to cover their crimes.

Several Women Dressed in Black Where

Death Runs Remember Keith, 50, as a technician who started a successful IT business without having a bachelor’s degree while Jennifer, 45, was known to share his “favorite city” of New York with relatives, as she went to the Natural History Museum and Rockefeller skating rink.

Young Jesse, 11, was a World War II enthusiast and Lego Ace who shared his father’s love for technology

His son Sophia, who died at just 8 years old, was a kinetic youth who featured in gymnastics and inherited her mother’s difficult love of the Yankees, a death sentence reads.

Keith’s brother Paul, 51, has been accused of four counts of murders, such as gun and fire charges, for slaying, which officials say were financially motivated. He has claimed that he is not guilty.

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