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Mookie Betts fed Boston's homeless at 1 o'clock after winning Game 2 in the World Series

Boston Mookie Betts celebrates match 2 in the World Series on Tuesday. (Charles Krupa / AP) Two men wearing hoodies…

Boston Mookie Betts celebrates match 2 in the World Series on Tuesday. (Charles Krupa / AP)

Two men wearing hoodies drove a shopping cart full of food for the homeless near the Boston Public Library around 1 o’clock on Wednesday morning.

One of them was Mookie Betts.

Hours after leading Red Sox to a 4-2 victory in Game 2 of the World Series, Boston MVP candidate appeared in the center with tiles of roast tips and chicken for the dozens of homeless men and women sleeping near the library.

After distributing trays, Betts and the other man, later identified as a cousin, walked around the neighborhood to ensure that other people in the area knew that there was food, according to Mike Winter, who saw the scene after have left a night club and described it to WEEI sports station.

“I did not know who they were first. They had hoodies on,” Winter told the station. “Next thing I know they put out trays of food, then they walk around the entire Boston library where there are lots of homeless people telling people that there is food around the corner. I went up and I said,” Hi, “for that we have a common friend, and then all the people came from the club and [Betts] just went away. No pictures. No nothing. None of the homeless even knew who he was but they were only grateful for what he did. “

Betts has a story to help feed homeless people. In 2015, he credited Mr Blake Swihart to buy pizza for the homeless in New York City to give them good karma on the plate. Both players homered twice in back-to-back games in the series against Yankees.

“Me and Blake, yesterday, we have to eat and had [a piece of pizza] and he said the night before he had given it to a homeless guy and he beat two homewards,” said Betts, via ESPN. “So I had a pizza. So I gave it to a homeless guy and hit two home runs, so maybe forward it to the next person.”

The Red Sox franchise also has a story of food donations. The club grows organic products for sale on the arena in a roof terrace at Fenway Park called Fenway Farms. The excess harvest goes to local non-profit Lovin Spoonfuls, which distributes it to food-safe communities around Boston.

Bet’s generosity makes him to Boston faith already tickled off his 3-for-4 performance on the plate and Gold Glove plays Outfield in Game 2. Winter said he was most impressed that Betts did not care about getting anyone attention to his good deeds.

“You see many celebrities doing things for recognition, but the fact was that he tried to stay completely on the low. He was not looking for any recognition,” says Winter to WEEI. Many people are looking for a pat on his back and he did not look

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