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MLB – Los Angeles Dodgers' Manny Machado is Octobre's newest villain

October 19, 2018 Sports 0 Views MILWAUKEE – When chewing on their free burgers at one of George Webb restaurants…

MILWAUKEE – When chewing on their free burgers at one of George Webb restaurants in the Milwaukee area on Thursday afternoon, Brewers fans had two things in mind: expanding the National League Championship series into a crucial game 7 and making sure Los Angeles Dodger’s shortstop Manny Machado receives the receipt because Brewers MVP candidate Christian Yelich called Machado, a “dirty player”.

“His loves in Los Angeles will lead to a lot of joke,” said Brewers fan Gerald Mortensen, from Wausau, Wisconsin. “Many booing. He tried to fundamentally hurt one of our players.”

  • Dodger’s shortstop Manny Machado was fined an unprecedented amount of Major League Baseball for how he ran into Brewer’s first basseman Jesus Aguilar in Game 4 in NLCS on Tuesday night, the ESPN has confirmed. Athletic first reported the fine.

  • “He is a player who has a history of these types of incidents,” said Brewers star Christian Yelich about Dodger’s Manny Machado.

  • From the wildcard round through the World Series, we will have 2018 postseason covered.

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George Webb restaurants were a hub for business on Thursday afternoon, as it was the day the chain promised to serve free burgers as a result of brewers winning at least 12 consecutive games. That strike ended last week, and now Milwaukee faces a do-or-die-situation in Friday’s game 6 in NLCS, three matches to two. And besides pulling the breweries, fans can rally around a common enemy.

Machado is the first time in the field at Miller Park since his controversial slides at the second base and his closest withdrawal of Brewer’s first basseman, Jesus Aguilar, as he ran past the bag during the three games played in Los Angeles. Brewers fans say they will be ready for him.

“Of course, they will boast him,” said Francisco Hernandez from Milwaukee. “The shine was uncalled for, and he did it twice, not once, but twice.” He undoubtedly did that to Aguilar too. ” No doubt about it. “

You could feel anger, which was only partially subdued as fans thought of their burgers. Their famine was satisfied, but their disgust for the new villain in the postseason was as strong.

Even those who know him best are Machado a riddle, a good child who just can not help himself. [19659002] “Manny is not harmful, but then you see some things and you go,” Came, man. Really? “” Machado’s former boss Buck Showalter said when he was reached by phone. “As a teammate, boss or coach, you try to be supportive, but he has to give me something to work with. It’s hard to defend it. “

As you expect, Showalter knows a relationship with Machado, which came through Oriole’s system while Showalter was the boss of Baltimore. But there have been too many incidents to overlook. As Yelich pointed out, this is not a first offense against the soon-released agent.

In addition to running into Jesus Aguilar’s foot at the first base, Manny Machado Brewers took two of his photos in second base. AP Photo / Jae Hong

“I can not defend it,” said Showalter about the game at the first base. “I’ve thought about it. In his mind, I’m sure if he could do it again, it would not happen. But it did. “

We have not even come to the conclusion that Machado – unbelievably – admitted in an interview on Fox that he does not bore any game, which he showed early in the series. Showalter did not want to comment on it, but Brewers fans were more than happy to weigh in.

“I think Aguilar got his foot on the base because he did not expect Machado to be there for half an hour,” said Mortensen with a smirk. “He is the opposite of all Wisconsin sports and brewers facing.”

Mortensen acknowledged fair Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun’s suspension of a violation of baseball drug program a few years ago, so these things are not unique to a player or team, but Machado is the moment’s villain. But if fans hope that the reaction to Miller Park can throw Machado from their game, Showalter says to forget it.

“It will not bother him,” he said. “If you look back on all things before, it’s very rare for him.”

It will not stop Milwaukee fans from showing their disgust if the crowds on George Webb are any indication.

“Machado?” David Schulst said. “He will be angry, but we need a victory.”

Oh yes, it’s so small to win, otherwise it will end the very successful year for Brewers and their fans.

From the first race in each series to the last of Game 7, you can capture the entire MLB Mail Season on ESPN Radio. Listen »

” We want everyone to have something to talk about, and you do that too, “said Milwaukee boss Craig Counsell after match 4 when Machado ran into Aguilar. But it’s good. But you know that there are easy conditions to enter this day and the next four days in it would concentrate on completing your dreams, it makes the other things very meaningless and may worry about it at another time. “

Of course, Counsell did not stop taking his own shot at Machado and said he did not think Machado played” all that hard. “So everyone is obviously interested in getting their pounds of meat from the often controversial star. But he also got his licks in the series when he made the winning race in the epic 13-innings Game 4 and has produced a .935 OPS.

“I do not think it will affect him in a negative way, no “said Dodger’s chief Dave Roberts about the reception awaiting Machado in Milwaukee.

The reality is the result of the game will be the true story but with the potential of 40,000 or more fans focusing their anger in one direction, the Machado story must also be an interesting one.

“It will be quite salty for him here,” said Mortensen. “He is the guy who plays when he wants to play. We’ll be booing when we want to boo. “

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