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MIUI 10 will be available next June 7


Xiaomi has run rios of ink with their new smartphones, not only with weeks and weeks of rumors, but with the official presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 8 , of the Xiaomi Mi8 SE and the unexpected and “transparent” Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer , but the event of May 31st also allowed us to know in all its splendor the characteristics of the new interface of Xiaomi. Now we know what the MIUI 10 availability date and we do not hesitate to tell you.

Has been Donovan Sung , Xiaomi spokesperson, who has given the news through Twitter and we are sure that more than one will receive this announcement with open arms, given the large amount of devices that can be upgraded to MIUI 10 .

This is all you get when you download MIUI 10

The availability of MIUI 10 allows users of Xiaomi to enjoy a layer of personalization with its own identity but that drinks in broad strokes of both iOS and what we have already seen from Android P.

MIUI 10 redefines the way we use the multitask in our smartphone giving great importance to full screen gestures and refining the whole system for a perfect use of panoramic screens 18: 9/19: 9 that have become a trend starting in 2017.

MIUI 10 will be available next June 7

With the new Xiaomi interface now we will see how recent applications are displayed in the form of vertical cards that occupy almost the entire width and length of the screen and through which we can move with ease.

MIUI 10 not only changes the way we move between applications, but also changes the layout of the home screen with new ones more rounded icons and a design based on white and blue colors that also extends to the new settings window and to the different widgets.

MIUI 10 will be available next June 7

MIUI 10 will be available next June 7

The artificial intelligence is another of the things that also come to MIUI 10, something that is not surprising since it has become a real fever since Huawei presented the Kirin 970 and it has spread like wildfire even to the most humble devices.

In the case of the Xiaomi interface, it takes the form of a new virtual assistant called Xiao AI, and that it arrives to make the competition to Siri of Apple and Bixby of Samsung, besides of course, to the same assistant of Google.

The functions of Xiaomi AI They are similar to those of the competition, being able to ask the device through the voice to show us information on the network, play music or give us the weather information of a certain place among many other things.

MIUI 10 will be available next June 7

MIUI 10 will be available next June 7

But Xiaomi’s AI does not just focus on its assistant, since, as with other devices like the Huawei P20 or the Honor 10 , will help us improve the quality of our photographs , and this will be to the point of allowing photos with selective blur (bokeh effect) even in Xiaomi devices that have a single camera, which is a detail on the part of Xiaomi.

Now that we know the availability date of MIUI 10 we just have to have a little patience and wait a couple of days to give a set-up to our Xiaomi smartphone. If you are one of the first lucky ones to be able to try MIUI 10 in all its splendor, we hope that you leave us your impressions in the comments or in the f Movilzona gold .