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Missy Elliott, Mowgli and more: 5 things to know in pop culture today

November 8, 2018 Entertainment 0 Views What would you like to see here? Email us at [email protected] Hello! Welcome to…

What would you like to see here? Email us at [email protected]

Hello! Welcome to your daily compilation of what’s happening in pop culture.

This morning, my phone pinged with another news alarm that made me breathe and I decided it was: time has come for Christmas. Normally I have a strict, not-before-Thanksgiving rule for festive songs and movies, but this year I’m with Oprah who released its annual holiday list with favorite things today. ” It’s a wonderful life ” is finally available for streaming (on Amazon), and I’ll spend this evening watching it rolling through Oprah’s incredibly expensive taste.

first A new live action Mowgli

The new trailer to Andy Serki’s “Jungle Book” remake (not confused with Disney’s 2016 version) is out: It promises lots of mechanical and C.G.I. animal, Matthew Rhys as a baddie and a beautiful stellar cast cast that includes Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and Benedict Cumberbatch. ” Mowgli: Jungle Legend ” will be on Netflix and in selected theaters on December 7th.

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