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Mississippi senator blasted for “public hanging” joke | Democratic West Virginia State Senator is planning to run for president

Getty Images Sen. Mississippi Senator Faces Public Hangout Jail Breakthrough: Sen Cindy Hyde-Smith, a Mississippi republic, draws a flap after…

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Mississippi Senator Faces Public Hangout Jail Breakthrough: Sen Cindy Hyde-Smith, a Mississippi republic, draws a flap after a video has been taken and shows her promising someone by saying, “If He invited me to a general hanging, I would be on the first row. “

Hyde-Smith, who is white and faces a black democratic challenger in a November 27 sewage, said her nov .2 Note was “excessive expression of respect” for someone who urged her to speak and “something to do This to a negative connotation is ridiculous, “according to a CBS report.

Mississippi has a history of race-motivated lynchings of Dark people. A spokesman for the GOP commander’s opponent, former congressman Mike Espy, said: “Cindy Hyde-Smith’s comments are reprehensible.”

The Democratic West Swedish State Council plans to run for president: West Virginia Democratic State Sen. Richard Ojeda, who lost a house in the US last week, plans to announce a presidential run on Monday according to a television station report .

Last week’s democratic wins have close gains and standing losses intensified a debate in the party about resuming the White House, a New York Times story said. Moderates argue that they must find a candidate who may appeal to Trumps followers and historically republican suburbs, while progressives claim that they need someone valid to electrify the grassroots.

Fights Fury Over Stories: Rick Scott, the Republican candidate for one of Florida’s US Senate seats &#821

1; and Trump – both claim that Democrats are conspiring to break in the first results.

Scott sues for requiring law enforcement officials to seize voices and speeches in Broward and Palm Beach counties during a break in the action noted a CNN report.

Elections in Florida tell ballots in bitter close competitions for the US Senate and governor with accidents, protests and disputes overshadow the process, said an Associated Press story.

In Georgia, Stacey Abram’s campaign has filed a lawsuit calling for a delay in voice certification in the state’s unanswered governor’s race one day, Fox News reported. The package also aims to block counties from throwing some temporary and absent votes that may have minor mistakes on them.

Whitaker signals that he will not receive money from Mueller’s probe: The executive attorney Matthew Whitaker has said that the Justice Department under his leadership will not cut the budget for Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian election disorder, The Bloomberg report refers to a person familiar with the matter.

It is a sign that some of the worst fears that critics have about Whitaker’s potential to disturb will not be fulfilled in immediate aftermath of the election of the former DOJ Chief of Staff to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions. report to.

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