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Mission March: Children learn about the new home of humanity in space camps

Space loving children from all corners of the world will know Mars, where settlements are planned. Colony animation modules and…

Space loving children from all corners of the world will know Mars, where settlements are planned. Colony animation modules and three-dimensional video mapping technology make it even easier for Turkey’s ambitious astronauts to learn more about the red planet. Space Camp Turkey, one of the three space camps in the world, hosts children from a large geography with its space science and technology content every year. In the camp, they get a chance to learn about Mars, where a human mission is planned for 2024.

Modules where the first colony of Mars is animated will lie in the camp and the children will show the characteristic characteristics and structure of this planet . They will also learn the difficulties of living on Mars and how to overcome them.

The participants in the camp will experience life in Mars with interactive modules such as living environment, research and access, hydroponics and laboratory units. Written by Space Camp Turkey’s workers, short films about life on Mars will be screened with 3D mapping technology.

The film will provide information about the difficulties of staying on Mars and the technology necessary to overcome these difficulties.

Participants will be informed of the planet’s characteristics and further scientific work with the activities performed in this area.

Faruk Güler, President of the Executive Council for Aegean Free Zone Development and the Operating System Co., where Space Camp Turkey was established, told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that the camp was opened in 2000.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the only space camp besides the United States and Canada is In Turkey, Güler said that 230,000 space lovers from 60 countries participated in the 18-year training program.

“This is a very good environment for attracting attention. Participants from 60 countries join and make friendship. Ncrease the interest and excitement of students in not only Turkey but also our geography in space,” he said.

He added that the children who participated in the camp were likely to choose departments in this area at the university.

Location Camp Turkey Educational Outreach Manager Rıza Tolga Yıldırım emphasized that they aim to make children experience how astronauts will survive on Mars in 2030.

He said they want children to learn how astronauts will work on Mars, how to live, what kind of difficulty they will struggle with and how they will overcome these difficulties, through experience.

Yıldırım said they set up a training area, “Generation Mars”, with the information they received from NASA’s sources and “their imagination”. [19659002] He added that each module in the colony will be introduced to the participants and therefore they will be presented an opportunity to perceive life on Mars as a whole.

Alyssa Carson, 17, who is educated on NASA to take place in the first human mission to Mars, sent a video to visitors of Generation Mars.

Carson mentioned in his statement that researchers and engineers are working on many ideas for Mars colonization. 19659002] “Mars is actually the next great step for mankind. Discovering the red planet and colonizing will be the most important issues in this generation. With Space Camp Turks new Mars exhibition, the new generation will be one step closer to revealing Mars’s mysteries and to understand how to live and work on the red planet. “

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