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Miramar, the map of the desert, arrives at PUBG Mobile


Oddly enough, this time the players of great titles in smartphones have something to brag about in front of console players. While users of XBOX One expect the arrival of the Miramar map to their console as water in May, the desert map just arrived at PUBG Mobile with the latest update of the game.

The update 0.5.0 of PUBG Mobile It has great novelties that go beyond arcade mode and the new training camp that we found in the latest version of the game released in the application markets weeks ago. While many are still waiting for the landing of Fortnite on Android (never better said) the players of the operating system of Google now have the possibility to play their games in a new scenario for PUBG Mobile , the famous map of Miramar which is present in PC for several months.

This new desert map of PUBG Mobile includes new vehicles and weapons. It seems that the new map does not support the Arcade mode of PUBG Mobile , although that could change in a future update. Miramar offers a new playground with thousands of sites to investigate and a way to change our tactics after weeks playing on the same map.

Miramar, the map of the desert, arrives at PUBG Mobile

More news from the PUBG Mobile update

Another of the most interesting novelties that we found in the 0.5.0 update of PUBG Mobile they are the Missions of Progress, new objectives that allow to complete several challenges to win rewards as new levels are reached that join the assignments of weekly activities in which you can win even more prizes. Indeed, it is the same strategy that we find in the weekly challenges of Fortnite . To complete them now you can team up in the game with friends or acquaintances, since the latest game update also includes a local fast team feature.

If there are people near you who also play PUBG Mobile , you can enter a six-digit code to team up with them. This avoids locating user names and increases the social component of the game by allowing you to play with people you physically have by your side.

In addition another of the News from PUBG Mobile is a store where you can buy specific clothes for your character, as well as a “secret booty” where you will find special items at a discount but you can not discover until you open the package. Did someone say loot boxes?