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Minnesota Vikings on New England Patriots: Second Quarter Discussion

To get things started for America's games this week, the Minnesota Vikings lost the coin to the New England Patriots.…

To get things started for America’s games this week, the Minnesota Vikings lost the coin to the New England Patriots. New England was chosen to postpone second half, meaning the Vikings got the football to start things. The kick from Stephen Gostkowski went into the end zone for a touchback, giving the Vikings the ball on their own. Churches led the vikings out of the field and dropped incompletely to Dalvin Cook to start the business. Short-throw by Cook took up a third and long situation, and the cousins ​​of Stefon Diggs were short for the line to get a three-and-out match. Matt Wile got it and the patriots started on their own 1

9-yard line.

The Pats run started with a fake start of Rob Gronkowski to make it 1st and 15th and Tom Brady then misfired a passport to Julian Edelman. Brady then found Edelman to make it 3 and 2, then found Chris Hogan for a big win of 18 for a first down to the 45-yard line. Brady then found our old friend Cordarrelle Patterson for another big win, this for 21 meters, and the patriots were in Minnesota territory at 31.

Brady then found running back Rex Burkhead for a 15-yard win to 16, and the patriots was in the red zone. Edelman then ended the 2 yard line to create a first and a goal. Sony Michel was filled with the first try, and on the second back James Develin came to the final zone for a New England touchdown. Gostkowski hit him extra points, and the patriots took an early 7-0 lead at 9:33 in the first quarter.

Gostkowski kickoff went again for a touchback and the vikings went out to give it another go. Cousins ​​linked to Cook for a win of five to start things, and Cook then worn for another five to move the chains. Cousins ​​then beat Kyle Rudolph for a 10-meter win and another first down and the Vikings approached the middle field at 45. Cook then took a handoff from cousins ​​and tumbled down to the right for a big 32-yard win to New England 23!

Latavius ​​Murray then ran for a short win, and the cousins ​​fell on the other side of Adam Butler to make it 3rd and 17th. The cousins ​​got the passport while he ended up in third place for an incomplete, and the Vikings took on Dan Bailey to try to get a goal of 48 yards. Bailey Drive fired wide to the left and the vays stayed 7-0 at 5:26 left in the quarter.

The patriots started with a good field position on their own 38-yard line and Michel started things with a 7-yard run on the first down, but the Vikings stopped him for no profit down the bottom. In the 3rd and 3rd time, it seemed that Viking’s defense had surrounded Brady, but he managed to get away and shrink for a 5-yard win to the midfield move the chains. Michel then fetched a few meters in first place to put the patriots into Minnesota.

Brady misfired tried to beat Edelman on the other side to pick up 3th and 6th, then Edelman released what would have been a first down to bring out the patriots’ point team for the first time today. Ryan Allen started it and Marcus Sherels demanded fair catch on the Minnesota 10-yard line.

Latavius ​​Murray got the run started with a 4-yard run, and then cousins ​​linked to CJ Ham to make it a third-and-1. Cousins ​​beat Cook for a short win to move the pins, and in the last quarter the cake played a few meters on a screen. So when we move to the second quarter, the Vikings look at a 2 and 12 from their own 22-yard line.

Fifteen minutes in the books from Gillette Stadium and the vikings, the patriots run a score of 7-0. Come join us for the second quarter!

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