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Millennials Monopoly: Angry Millennials React on Twitter

Hasbro / Twitter Monopoly for Millennials, Hasbroo's newest addition to the Monopoly Board Game Empire, ironically receives widespread backlash from…

Hasbro / Twitter

Monopoly for Millennials, Hasbroo’s newest addition to the Monopoly Board Game Empire, ironically receives widespread backlash from the violent Millennials.

The Millennial Monopoly, Hasbroo’s newest addition to the Monopoly board game Empire, receives widespread backlash from the injured Millennials card after the game has been released.

The game covers, along with tagline “Adulting is difficult. You deserve a break from the rat,” have a “cool” Mr. Monopoly takes a selfie, wears a “participating prize” at the breast and drinks a latte. A camera, pair of sunglasses and a hash tag is included in the games, and there are no characteristics for the players to buy. Instead, players collect “experience”, for example, this edition replaces the original game park place with a “3-day music festival”, while other experiences include a vegan bistro, bicycle part and a yoga studio. There is no rent to pay and no property to buy because, as it appears on the front of the box, “Forget real estate. You can not afford to buy it anyway.” The game also recommends that you play it in the basement of your parents.

Check out the game description below:

Some users were disappointed that Hasbro created a game played on the most common stereotypes around the millennial generation, claiming that many thousands of people often can not afford “experience” because all their money go against paying excessive rent while they get paid poor wages.

“I’m not sure who [Hasbro] did Monopoly for Millennials for?” a user wrote. “As if we do not get mad at all, lol … A game about the millennium should definitely include paying rent. Much of it. The vast majority of us can not afford to spend money on” experiences. “Anyway, disappointed. “

Other critics say allegations Hasbro of believers Millennials can not afford to buy houses because they are too busy spending their money on avocado toast, selfie sticks and pumpkin spice lattes.

Some wondered why Hasbro had not made a game for the Baby Boomer generation yet, but one user considered Monopoly: Cheaters Edition a good version of the game to relate to Boomers.

“Next, Monopoly for Baby Boomers: where you buy property at underperformed price, you only go to prison, and when you pass” Go “you get to complain about Millennials !!” the user Jon wrote.

And others reacted with pure, pure, rude anger:

] November 8, 2018

And as usual on social media, some professional tweeters used a number of hilarious top shelf memes aimed at Hasbro’s apparent hypocrisy.

With game pieces that contain a real hashtag, it’s a bit ironic that most Millennials on Twitter use hashtags to express how angry they are in the game.

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