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Mike Gundy writes a check to radio host who lost wits on Oklahoma State

December 5, 2018 Sports 0 Views When you think of Oklahoma State Cowboy's football coach Mike Gundy and media members,…

When you think of Oklahoma State Cowboy’s football coach Mike Gundy and media members, it’s usually not a positive picture that will come to mind. From the infamous “I’m a man, I’m 40!” Press conference was awarded in 2007 to 2014 criticism (which was fair, had some merits) of Sports Illustrated ‘s attempt to investigate Oklahoma State through the year’s threat of banning media for the rest of the year if they asked players about a player who chose to transmit (and the subsequent conference call that trolling it produced) through rings about Twitter (as you know he would probably consider as well), Gundy is not exactly known for good interactions with the press. (If they may not have mullets.) But Gundy took another step on the front of the week and wrote a $ 250 check (along with a personal letter) to replace an Oklahoma City radio warden who betrayed the cowboys to record more than eight wins (they ended 6-6):

The radio host in question is WWLS & Rob Benton, and the letter Gundy sent him quite something:

“I have many HS buddies who consume too much alcohol, which leads to You listen to radio. The rumor is what you bet on our team and lost your money. We came up short so I thought the male [51] thing to do is replace a guy to believe in our TEAM. your loyal support! “

See, Gundy makes $ 5 million a year on his current contract, so this is not completely destructive to him, and it can also be seen as part of a public relations trick. But he still did not have to do it, and it’s both an interesting look and a calm with the letter he wrote. And while it does not lower any of Gundy’s former media fighters, it’s still cool to see him do this, especially in a fun way.

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