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Mike Francesas ransacked at WFAN: “Mike's app does not go anywhere”

Mike Francesa took a break from ripping Odell Beckham to tear me off. WFAN values ​​blasted a story by this…

Mike Francesa took a break from ripping Odell Beckham to tear me off.

WFAN values ​​blasted a story by this reporter during his show Monday that reported on comments he made about his “Mike’s On” app earlier in the program, which was interpreted as a suggestion that the app could be interrupted.

You can read this story here. But here are Francesa’s full comments about the story and his app, which transcribed after using the playback feature of the current app, as this reporter is a paid subscriber to the app:

“Earlier today, I talked about some of the the things that went on, including this whole MSG thing with “FAN, and there I talked about some of the things that have gone on since I came back.”

“Now I mentioned in there I There has been no agreement between Entercom, myself and CAA regarding our relationship with “FAN and the app.” [] My gentlemen tell me, wrote a title that said [Could Mike Francesa&#821

7;s WFAN app be on the chopping block?]

“Okay, here we go. So this is a guy who does not understand it from the beginning. The name is James Kratch, that’s his name, [] I give him some publicity. He is so dense that he does not have an idea of ​​what he is talking about.

“Okay, what I said was that I could come back to build the app, which is my project, and it worked in agreement with WFAN, and maybe I was wrong. can not they work, maybe there is a conflict, that’s why we have not been able to do a deal. So his title is, “Can Mike Francesas WFAN app be on the rock?”

“First and mainly there is no WFAN app. It’s Mike Francesa’s app. It’s Mike’s On. WFAN has nothing to do with it. Zero Nothing Affects It It has nothing to do with WFAN Zero. Entercom has negotiated a bit of the app. They do not own it yet because we “They are still owned by CAA and myself.”

“It’s not a WFAN app. It has nothing to do with WFAN. It is, owned by Mike’s On LLC. It has nothing to do with WFAN. So James is completely lost from that position.

“Let me tell you now, okay, my thing was that James Dolan went to the core of the station even after Entercom chose to host a hostage attacking him, apologize, as she did. they ratcheted up through their PR people and went after “FAN, which I thought was a bad decision on Jim’s part and MSG’s part.”

“During that time, I made some comments about I came back to “FLAT.” The app, James Kratch, goes nowhere. And someone else out there, the app goes nowhere. You’ve been wrong in the app from the beginning. You do not understand the concept. You’re too clueless to find out. to be here for a long time. The app “Mike’s On” goes nowhere. It’s going very well. It’s going to be zero, nowhere. It’s growing and we’re totally committed.

“And If something leaves, it will not be the “Mike’s On” app. So got it? Underline it, put a punctuation mark and own it. Somebody and “FAN has nothing to do with it. And, in fact, it can be the conflict. To use this show to promote the app, it may be something that does not work as well as I hoped it did. That’s all. The app is going nowhere. Because you’ve been wrong with the app from the beginning.

“You do not understand what I understand. It’s hard for you to understand something that’s new. You do not understand the mechanism in it, you do not understand how it works, and you do not understand something that is not handed over to you in black and white. How it works or where it comes from or something else, because you do not understand what’s happening, except by just turning on the radio and listening.

“Yes, there is a whole world out there and it changes dramatically, and there are conditions that change dramatically. And the app is doing very well. It’s very profitable in the first year. I tell you, and you can check it with CAA if you want. It’s something they’re very proud of and they should be because they’ve done amazing work.

“I’m coming to be with CAA as long as I work professionally. You can take it to the bank. They are great people, love to work with them. They have added some wonderful people to the app who have done a good job. Their technical people have done a good job, everyone has been involved in it in front of my guys, who have done a good job with it. The guys I picked to put on it and work with it have done a good job. Everyone is spending a lot of time and effort, and it’s done incredibly well. CAA is proud of it, we are proud of it, it goes nowhere.

“The second part” We’ll see what’s happening. Now you see if you can find it now. Now that I’ve gone there, I’ve left the crumbs for you, let’s see if You can put the pieces together without screwing it up. “


So … can he leave WFAN again?

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