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Microsoft will make 100,000 specialized HoloLens units for the US Army

November 28, 2018 Technology 3 Views Microsoft has reportedly won a huge $ 480 million contract with the US Army.…

Microsoft has reportedly won a huge $ 480 million contract with the US Army. The company will sell more than 100.00 HoloLens headset to the army as part of the new deal, according to Bloomberg.

The US Army was committed to a bidding process for the new program, which would help their troops “increase mortality by increasing the ability to detect, determine and engage before the enemy” on the battlefield. Microsoft was just one of the interested entrepreneurs, with other names like Magic Leap, which, according to information, show interest.

The new contract will continue Microsoft’s relationship with the defense ministry. The company may possibly make specialized versions of HoloLens for the US Army. Bloomberg reports that the army has requested features such as night vision and heat sensing, as well as being able to measure and detect signs like breathing and emergency preparedness.

The agreement requires Microsoft to deliver 2500 HoloLens devices within the first two years. “Augmented reality technology will provide troops with more and better information for making decisions. This new work extends our long-standing, trusted relationship with the defense ministry to this new area,” said a Microsoft spokesman.

It’s not clear if Microsoft will deliver the upcoming HoloLens v3 or just the original HoloLens as part of a new deal.

Microsoft’s new US Army contract comes at a point where there has been a significant backlash from the company’s employees against government contracts.

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