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Microsoft wants to replace its new Edge browser with a newer Chrom-inspired

Again, Google has made Microsoft "bend the knee", so to speak. According to a report from Windows Centers Zac Bowden,…

Again, Google has made Microsoft “bend the knee”, so to speak. According to a report from Windows Centers Zac Bowden, Microsoft must rethink and ultimately close its current EdgeHTML development in favor of a Google-inspired alternative by adopting Chrom technology for the future of Windows 10 surfing.

The code name Anaheim, this new Windows 10 browser, will replace Edge as the default browser on the platform. It is unknown now if Anaheim will use the Edge brand or brand, or if the user interface between Edge and Anaheim is different. However, one thing is safe; EdgeHTML is dead.

For those of us left with the bitter taste of defeat in our mouths after Windows Phone and Android battles, the news that Microsoft now adopts the Chromium open source project as its flagship browser technology, feels like

But the reality of Most Windows 1

0 users are Edge currently a sub-experience for other modern browsers, many of whom have already adopted open source for Chromium.

As Bowden refers to in his report, Microsoft’s new Anaheim project is to be seen as a positive network for Windows 10 users and Microsoft fans. Using Chromium, open source opens Microsoft’s browser to start its efforts in line with current modern browsers without having to invent the wheel like they did with Edge.

As stated, Microsoft has used the Chromium source code for its Edge browser on Android.

While “why” of the project Anaheim’s adoption of Chrom is the answer to the limited share achieved in the browser market, “the matter” continues as gigantic issues. Despite all of its shortcomings, Edge was battery-poor and excelled to zoom on Windows 10 and the reality is that some Chrome-powered browsers are less than Windows 10 performance.

With the latest news about Microsoft’s mysterious Windows Lite OS, the project disclosure Anaheim creatures to focus the company’s future development.

As a reminder, this news is based on reported reporting and Microsoft has not yet confirmed or denied any news related to it. We update accordingly as more information is collected.

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