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Microsoft realizes that we do not actually want ads in our mail

The Microsoft logo is lit on a wall during a Microsoft launch event to introduce the new Microsoft Surface laptop…

The Microsoft logo is lit on a wall during a Microsoft launch event to introduce the new Microsoft Surface laptop operating system and Windows 1

0 S, May 2, 2017 in New York. Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty) [19659003] If you are the person who is most annoyed by the profound presence of ads in virtually any digital space, it’s safe to assume you absolutely do not want them your email. Microsoft seems to have only realized this.

The company seems to be reluctant to perform an A / B test for banners in the Windows 10 Mail client after reports of weekly versions for some of its users, according to Verge. In reply to a tweet about Verge Tom Warren’s ads, Microsoft Communications Manager Frank Shaw said their appearance in Mail was an experimental property that was never intended to be tested in large and it was shut down. “

A Microsoft blog about the extension linked by Verge is now dead, but an archived version confirms that the page previously addressed to a FAQ page about ads in Mail for Windows 10. As Verge notes, this is curious considering the answer Shaw offered on Twitter that it was an “experimental feature”.

The page said that the pilot program was conducted in Brazil, Canada, Australia and India on Windows Home and Windows Pro. It also said that ads should appear in email accounts that are not tasks such as, Gmail and Yahoo Mail, but not in accounts for users without Office 365 subscriptions (which turns out to be driving you $ 7 per month ).

Microsoft said ads were targeted by default, but users could choose their privacy setting. The page also noted that Microsoft would not scan users’ emails, an exercise that was employed by Gmail and Yahoo.

The timeline for this rollout is not clear, but Verge pointed to some examples of people tweeting for ads in Windows Mail as far back as July. Anyway, given that people already hate this feature, it’s better for everyone to turn it off – at least for the moment.

We have reached Microsoft about the roll of ads and will update this post if we recall.

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