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Microsoft can actually release its collapsible andromeda in 2019

November 30, 2018 Technology 1 Views It seems that we should add Andromeda – Microsoft's Foldable Folding Phone – to…

It seems that we should add Andromeda – Microsoft’s Foldable Folding Phone – to the list about Foldable Incoming Folding Phones for 2019 . According to a new book, it may be one of the new cool devices coming next year.

But it’s just more than a phone.
Credit: Under a Surface -A Book of Journalist and Microsoft Tech Blog partner Brad Sams – tells story of how Microsoft compiled its Surface hardware to become the fifth largest PC manufacturer creates a $ 1 billion-one-year company that is constantly increasing every year thanks to first-class hardware designers competing and in some cases Apple surpasses.

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As reported by BGR the book contains details of what comes from Redmond in 2019, including much-awaited Project Andromeda a collapsible device that is a phone and a tablet like Samsung Galaxy [19659002] and Huawei folding phones .

Instead of being a phone with a dedicated operating system – like Windows Phone – Andromeda will be an extremely compact device with surface layers ranging from phone size to tablet size. Credit: WinCentral The book also talks about a few new Xbox One devices, new Surface laptops who can use AMD chips instead of Intel a reimagined Surface Studio and something that sounds a lot like Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9: a Surface Pro tablet with USB Type-C. very thin and rounded corners that can end at 2019.

Finally, another surface product is mentioned that sounds like a smart speaker, classified as “surrounding computers”. The book says that this device “is designed to help handle some of the usual frustrations of using a smartphone.”

The change in Redmond seems to accelerate to Warp 9. If you had told me two years ago that we will see Microsoft overcome Apple as the most valued company, I would never have believed.

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