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Microsoft, Amazon stands at military work, despite the worker's backlash

The officials in Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle in the week made their decision to work with the US military, even…

The officials in Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle in the week made their decision to work with the US military, even though they had become worried that technology, such as artificial intelligence, could be defeated by the Pentagon to kill people.

In a blog post published on Friday, Microsoft President Brad Smith defended the company’s decision to continue delivering digital technology to the military. Although he raised concerns about the ethics of military work, Smith claimed that Microsoft would advocate policies and laws governing the use of “responsible and ethical” by AI and other new technologies. The company has already worked with experts to help do that.

“After discussing these issues with governments, we have estimated that no military in the world wants to wake up to find out that machines have started a war,” he wrote. “But we can not expect these new developments to be wisely handled if people in the technology that feel most of the technology are pulling out of the conversation.”
Microsoft is not the only technical giant to negotiate with military contracts, regardless of the controversies they develop. During an interview with FOX Business & # 39; Maria Bartiromo, Oracle founder Larry Ellison lambled technology company to work with the Chinese government but not the US government.

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“US tech company saying,” We will not support the US military, we will not work on any technology that helps our military “but still goes into China and facilitates the Chinese government to monitor its people is quite shocking, “he said. “I think it’s very important that US technology companies support our country, our government.”

While speaking at a conference in San Francisco last week, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo’s contract with the United States Department of Defense defended a wave of fears and deviations from employees, some of whom have threatened to quit.

“If big tech companies will return to the US Department of Defense, this country will be in trouble,” he said, according to Wired. “We will continue to support the Department of Defense, and I think we should.”

But not all technical giants stand at the military. At the beginning of October, Google announced that it would not offer a lucrative cloud deal with the Pentagon over the fear that the job was not in line with the company’s principles of artificial intelligence.

“While we work to support the US government with our clouds in many areas, we do not bid for the JEDI contract because we could not first assure that it would be in line with our AI principles and, secondly, we found that there were parts of the agreement that were not in scope with our current government certifications, “said a spokesman for the company in a statement.

Google could not be reached for comments on Saturday.

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