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Michelle Obama is reading jokes She could not say as the first lady

On his late night show on Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel told the former White House to "cut loose" with joke that…

On his late night show on Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel told the former White House to “cut loose” with joke that poked fun on her vegetable consumption and the Netflix store, among others.

With her new memoir Becoming Michelle Obama reveals a little more about herself and her life as a first lady than she could while in the White House. But when she was a guest at ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night, the host drove her to open herself more and asked her to read some joke he had written.

“What I’m worried can you cut loose and say something now, right?” Kimmel asked for his time after leaving the White House.

“Yes?” Obama responded provisionally.

Kimmel then explained the advantage of the piece where Obama would recite sentences he wrote about “things you could not say while in the White House.” (The late night host has urged guests with a similar routine before, including adult filmmaker Stormy Daniels, before she legally claimed that an NDA she had signed if her interaction with President Donald Trump was invalid.)

Although Obama was hesitant to read Kimmel’s statements played with her and first read: “I have never eaten a vegetable.” (Obama used to have a vegetable garden in the White House and made videos that sought to encourage children to eat more vegetables.)

“I knew, I knew,” Kimmel said.

“That’s not true” Obama shot back.

Next phrase poked quietly at Obama’s multi-annual Netflix store, inked in May: “Throughout the eight years we were in the White House, we used Laura Bush’s Netflix password,” Obama read. “Laura, sorry,” she joked.

In released Tuesday, Obama describes the shock of the Trump presidency, experiencing racism in public life and struggling to maintain its confidence in

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