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Michael Moore reveals Video of Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc at Trump Rally

The director "Fahrenheit 11/9" compares Cesar Sayoc to "a lost dog without direction at home". Despite "a hollow-like exterior," Cesar…

The director “Fahrenheit 11/9” compares Cesar Sayoc to “a lost dog without direction at home”.

Despite “a hollow-like exterior,” Cesar Sayoc was the Florida man responsible for sending 14 bombs to President Trump’s political opponent, “a lost dog without direction home,” wrote Michael Moore in an Instagram post Sunday where he Photos revealed his crew shot of a February 201

7 rally as Trump held in Melbourne, Fla., where Sayoc can be seen as part of an angry audience who sings “CNN sucks!”

Although the three-minute-38 seconds of raw footage did not make it in Moore’s current movie, Fahrenheit 11/9 Moore – as pictured himself, with a rifle’s crosshair on his image, on Sayoc & # 39; s van – released the video on YouTube Sunday “just to give you an instant glimpse of him.”

In his Instagram post, Moore declared that he sent a crew that included the producer Basel Hamden and long-term collaborator Eric Weinrib to the rally, which took place during the month after Trump’s opening, not to film Tr ump himself but to capture photographs of the crowds he desires to understand “our with Americans, lost souls full of anger and possible violence, easily fed a high law so big and poisonous that we wondered if there would ever be a chance we could take them back from it dark side. “

When the camera piles back and forth over the audience that throws inactive media, Sayoc, which highlights a” CNN sucks “character, is briefly seen four times. “If you’re pausing him, you’ll see something deep,” writes Moore, “fear in his eyes“.

Sayoc continues to belong to a group of men who “have been led to believe [they] wherever they are attacked by like Hillary and Michelle and all the” feminazis “who have had a single mission: political castration. Theft of power from patriarchate that had existed for 10,000 years. “(See the video below, Sayoc is shown at 0:42, 1:34, 1:44 and 3:15).

Moore continues to say, “They have heard of Trump that they are in war – WAR! – Most of us are the vast majority who believe climate change is real, which is undoubtedly that women are equal citizens with absolute right to control their own reproductive bodies who have seen how the free business system is a hoax designed to destroy the middle class and which requires all people to be able to easily vote their voices without disturbance. Cesar and his brothers are in war against all these things against us, the majority, and they are in war within and against themselves. That’s why they will lose, but not before they take any of us with them. “

The filmmaker, who says he is no stranger to threats, admits that he was “a little shaken” to see his face blurred on Sayoc’s van and the authorities have been looking for a package to have been sent to him, but so far no one has been discovered.

Moore concludes: “Today, we are deceiving the latest loss of life in Pittsburgh. As it was when fascism began to spread over the last century, it begins with just a few prisoners who commit random acts of violence against the people their leaders have said Yet, no matter what secret events awaiting us in the coming days or weeks, we will not be discouraged from our singular mission: The voters’ tsunami of voters we take in the polls on November 6 to end this madness. “

In an earlier statement, issued Friday, Moore pointed to Trump and Fox News to create an atmosphere that increases the right violence, saying,” Unfortunately, the new and dangerous dynamics of political violence in America are now being promoted and encouraged by the United States President. We must vote for the office all enablers of this man and the violent culture he initiates There are millions and millions of us who will never be scared, who will never return, and who will appear on election day.

Read Moore’s full posts below.

My crew first met Cesar Sayoc, post bombers / terrorist, 20 months ago when we went down to Melbourne, Florida, to film Trump’s first “Trump 2020 Re-election Rally” – just one month after his opening. My direction to my producer, Basel Hamdan, and our long-term colleague Eric Weinrib were not filming Trump, but just filming the people who came out to meet him. My feeling was, after a month of service, we did not need to hear anything more from Trumps mouth – we already knew everything we needed to know about him. Who we needed to understand was ours with Americans, lost souls full of anger and possible violence, easily fed a high law so big and poisonous that we were wondering if there would ever be a chance we could take them back from Dark Side. Our material by Mr. Sayoc would never make it the last cut of what would be the movie now in its last week in cinemas across America. But I would like to share it with you, just to give you a brief glimpse of him in action (everyone is free to use this video and share it). You have seen the pictures of him on the news in the last few days – a small, ordinary, everyday American. But they are from before. Here with our pictures, I can show you what he’s actually become – overdosed with steroids in what looks like a desperate attempt to hang on what was left of his masculinity. Men, people like Cesar have been led to believe, are being attacked by like Hillary and Michelle and all the “feminazis” who have had a single mission: political castration. The theft of power from the patriarch who had been in place for 10,000 years. The end of men … [1/3]

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