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Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer, agrees to testify to the congress

WASHINGTON – Michael D. Cohen, President Trump's former personal lawyer who involved him in a system of paying hush money…

WASHINGTON – Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s former personal lawyer who involved him in a system of paying hush money to two women claiming to have had business with him, said on Thursday that he had agreed to testify before a committee month and give “a complete and credible account” of his work to Mr. Trump.

Mr. Cohn’s decision to appear before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on February 7 sets the stage for a major public hearing that threatens to further damage the President’s image and can clarify the depth of his legal woes. Mr Cohen, a consignor to Mr. Trump when he was a real estate developer and presidential candidate, as well as informally when he was president, took place at Mr Trump’s inner circle and at important moments under the scrutiny of both the special council, Robert S. Mueller III and federal prosecutor in New York.

He could soon share many of them on national television under oath. But potential obstacles arose almost immediately on Thursday when the chairman of the committee warned that Cohen would probably be prevented by Mueller from discussing issues related to Russia.

“To promote my commitment to cooperating and providing the American people with responses,” Cohen said in a statement: “I have accepted the invitation of President Elijah Cummings to appear publicly on February 7. I look forward to having the benefit to become a platform to provide a complete and credible account of the events that have occurred. “In August, Cohen pleaded guilty to a federal court in Manhattan to tax fraud, make false claims to a bank and a campaign finance violation. In court, Cohen stated that violation was the result of payments he made on his previous client’s request to a woman who was prepared to become public during the 2016 campaign of a deal with Mr Trump earlier.

Since then, Mr. Cohen has spent more than 70 hours with federal prosecutors in Manhattan as well as with Mr Mueller, who is investigating Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election and Mr Trump’s campaign. In November, Mr. Cohen pleaded guilty to an extra charge – lying to Congress about how long the negotiations for a Trump Tower project in Moscow took place in 2016.

Cooperation has served him to Mr Trump’s ire, who has called Mr Cohen is a “weak person”. The president said he did nothing wrong with the campaign funding, and he accused his former lawyer of tricking into prosecutors to try to get a lower penalty. In court applications, prosecutors have not mentioned Mr Trump, referring to a “federal office candidate” and “individual-1”.

During a visit to the Texas border if he was worried about Cohen’s plan to tell, Trump told the reporters: “I’m not worried at all.”

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