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Mice given an experimental gene therapy do not get fat, regardless of calorie intake / Boing Boing

Researchers at Flinders University published a gene called RCAN1 in mice, suggesting that this would increase "non-shaking thermogenes", which "consumes…

Researchers at Flinders University published a gene called RCAN1 in mice, suggesting that this would increase “non-shaking thermogenes”, which “consumes calories as heat instead of storing them as fat” – the mice got a high- calorie diet and not lose weight.

In particular, the modified mice did not store fat around their intermediaries – a phenomenon associated with many health risks, including cardiac problems – and their dormant muscles burned more calories.

I wrote this to my 2009 novels Makers and described a generation of previously obese people who initially looked forward to gorging on huge meals, so realized they were in danger of breaking down for all the calories they had needed to survive.

The study writer points out that there is a time and place for RCAN1’s ​​role to prevent calories burning: namely, back when the food was scarce and calories were not so easily accessible. However, in the modern world of “calorie abundance”, too much fat is stored and real health problems arise as a result. The researchers suggest that “These adaptive ways of energy consumption [such as RCAN1] can now contribute to the growing epidemic of obesity.”

“We looked at a variety of diets with different time intervals from eight weeks up to six months,” said Damien, “and at least we saw health improvements in the absence of the RCAN1 gene.

“Mice on a fat diet that lacked this gene got no weight.”

A new drug can let us eat something without gaining weight [Gavin Butler/Vice]

Calcineurin 1 regulator helps coordinate whole body metabolism and thermogenesis [David Rotter, Heshan Peiris, D Bennett Grinsfelder, Alyce M Martin, Jana Burchfield, Valentina Parra, Christi Hull, Cyndi R Morales, Claire F Jessup, Dusan Matusica, Brian W Parks, Aldons J Lusis, Ngoc Uyen Nhi Nguyen, Misook Oh, Israel Iyoke, Tanvi Jakkampudi, D Randy McMillan, Hesham A Sadek, Matthew J Watt, Rana K Gupta, Melanie A Pritchard Damien J Keating and Beverly A Rothermel/Embo Reports] (Sci-Hub mirror)

Genes that let you eat as much as you want to keep promise of obesity [Flinders University/Science Daily]

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