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Mexico's new leader says relationships with Trump good

Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador holds his first press conference as president, who started at 7 o'clock in Mexico…

The Mexican Left’s New President said Wednesday that relations with US President Donald Trump are “good” and the two will probably talk about immigration issues soon.

Many analysts had been waiting for President André Manuel Lopez Obrador to run into a protracted conflict with Trump, especially since a caravan of about 7000 US immigrants set up camps on the border with the United States last month. The presence of the wagon, and an attempt to cross the border, led to the threat of Trump closing the limit.

But Lopez Obrador said he is hopeful. The two sides can agree on development aid for Central America and southern Mexico to create jobs so people do not need to emigrate.

“We are in constant communication and communication is good,” says Lopez Obrador Wednesday. “Relationships are good.”

“It is very likely that in the next few days we will talk to President Donald Trump about the problem specifically, the immigration issue, he said.

Mexico’s Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard has been in Washington for negotiations on the issue.

But Lopez Obrador asked questions about whether Mexico will agree to immigrants being moved while their asylum applications are being dealt with in the United States, as US officials have suggested.

Lopez Obrador still said that he weighs what steps to bring about hello’s extremely solving personal security arrangements, which have been widely criticized.

“We look at this question,” said the president, “my friends, family, civic activists, you (the press) keep me constantly attentive. “

Lopez Obrador holds news conferences every morning and at the Tuesday conference, an activist stumbled among journalists and ran up to Lopez Obrador at the end of the conference to present him with a presentation.

An employee shadowed the woman but did not prevent her from reaching The president, who accepted the papers she gave him, gave her a hug and a cheek on the cheek.

Reporters must pass through a metal detector to enter the National Palace, where conferences are held, but Lopez Obrador routinely shakes hands in crowds there There are no such security filters.

“I do not feel or perceive any threat,” he said. “I think that anyone who fights for justice has nothing to fear.”

Lopez Obrador likes to get in touch with the usual people and masses. He has resigned military presidential corps and has started plans to sell the presidential jet and fly economist iclass.

“I do not want to lose relationship with the people, with the citizens, I do not want a fence around me,” said Lopez Obrador.

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