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Mexico to offer asylum to immigrants, but only 100 per day

TECUN UMAN, Guatemala-Mexican authorities have agreed to grant asylum visas to a caravan with 3,000 Honduran immigrants massaging at the…

TECUN UMAN, Guatemala-Mexican authorities have agreed to grant asylum visas to a caravan with 3,000 Honduran immigrants massaging at the southern border of the country, but will only allow smaller groups of caravans every day.

Aurora Vega, a spokeswoman at Mexico’s Migration Institute, said Mexico would allow about 150 to 200 immigrants per day to screen them for asylum – a process that usually takes longer than a month – and allows immigrants to stay in Mexico permanent.

Mexican officials hope the move will break up the big caravan and convince many immigrants to stay in Mexico rather than cross the country and try to enter the US illegally, she said.

A caravan of about 3,000 immigrants flying from Honduras continues to go north to the US border, as Trump threatened to use the military and closed the US-Mexico border. Photo: Reuters

The wagon has pulled President Trumps Ire before the November Midterm election. Mr Trump has presented immigration issues in political talks around the country for Republican candidates.

Later on Friday, however, it did not seem that all immigrants were satisfied with the possibility of waiting days or maybe weeks to be allowed to enter Mexico. Several hundred gathered at the border crossing.

One of the migrants picked up the audience from a house. “If they do not let us cross now, we cross the river,” he said. “1

9659006″ Yes, we can! Yes, we can, “the crowd fell.

Mexico’s effort to offer asylum marks a departure from its handling of former caravans, when immigrants sometimes received transit visas that allow them to pass through Mexico on their way to the United States

This time Mrs. Vega, Mexico is instead giving migrants a chance to stay in Mexico for good.

Formerly, Mexico’s ambassador to Guatemala, Luis Manuel López Moreno, said that immigrants would be free to cross Mexico. But Mrs Vega said that such freedom of movement should be granted only if their asylum inquiries are approved.

“They are not free to walk around the country when they first come, and if someone is caught, they will be deported.” She said. This means that the caravan will not re-group when preferably she said.

Ms Vega said immigrants would have to stay in a government climate during the first 10 days of their stay while Mexican officials review their applications and ensure that there are no criminals or terrorists among them. The Mexican asylum agency then decides whether they accept the requests from those passing the first screening.

Application for asylum application usually takes 45 working days.

During that time, immigrants can choose whether to stay with a government-run shelter or go to a run of charity groups, said Mrs Vega. If they leave the city during that period, the asylum application will be terminated and the applicant will be subjected to expulsion.

Mr. López Moreno met with immigrants in central Tecun Uman, a guatemalan border town on Friday morning. He told the weary travelers that Mexico has an “open doors” policy with full respect for human rights and that they can get in an orderly manner.

“These people are in great need. The border is not closed. We are open to receiving them by order and by law,” said López Moreno in an interview.

The migrants got the news with a bowl. “Thanks God! Thank God! We thank Mexico for its generosity and solidarity,” said Karissa Romero, a 31-year-old woman who joined Honduras’s caravan on Sunday with two of her children.

 The Mexican authorities say that an immigrant who borders the border is illegally deported.

The Mexican authorities say that an immigrant who borders the border illegally will be deported.


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US. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo met his Mexican counterparts in Mexico City on Friday. Migrant caravans were on top of the agenda, US officials said.

Under a common look with Mr. Pompeo emphasized the Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray’s humanitarian element, repeatedly referring to his sovereign right to decide how to deal with the situation.

“Mexico’s migration policy is determined by Mexico,” said Videgaray.

Mexico would apply and apply the law as appropriate, but would also take into account humanitarian issues with particular attention to “the most vulnerable” members in the caravan, he added.

Mr. Pompeo said that the United States has its own challenges in securing the southern border and tightening immigration enforcement.

“If we get it right, we will also significantly improve the relationship between our two countries,” said Pompeo. [19659028] -Courtney McBride contributed to this article.

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