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Merkel joins Macron to call a “true, true European army” | World News

Angela Merkel has said that EU leaders should one day consider "a true true European army" just after Donald Trump…

Angela Merkel has said that EU leaders should one day consider “a true true European army” just after Donald Trump struck a Twitter attack on Emmanuel Macron over the same idea.

Speaking to the European Parliament in Strasbourg The German Chancellor supported the bold step in the European defense policy as part of a speech driving the need for EU cooperation in migration, climate change and terrorism. “The times when we could rely on others are over,” she said.

To a blend of applause and jeers from Eurosceptic members, she said: “We must look at the vision of creating a true true European army.” The chancellor said the thought would complement NATO but did not give details about when the ambitious the idea could become reality.

Her words echoed the French president, who in an interview said Europe needed to better defend itself. 1

9659002] Trump was bulging what he saw as a conversation from Macron for a European army for protection against the United States, summarizing previous comments by the French president on cyberhot. The US president escalated his attack on Tuesday with a number of insulting tweets.

Nigel Farage, leader of the Eurosceptic group in parliament, took note of Merkel’s remarks and claimed that they showed that the EU would become an empire while accusing the block of starting a cold war with the United States. “I think Brexit becomes a necessity after this,” he said.

Merkel had previously brushed away a heckling of eurosceptic members with a smile and said the opposition showed that she was in a parliament. “This is fine, I’m annoying for some people,” she said.

During the 25-minute speech, Chancellor Brexit mentioned once and described it as a “deep wound”. She echoed the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, who said that Brexit was a “mistake” a tragedy, a historical error [and].

Merkel was the 12th EU Leader to deal with MEPs as part of a series on Europe’s future, with six more planned before the elections to the European Parliament.

The speech for the century was a requirement for solidarity, whether in defense, migration policy or for the EU to find a single voice in foreign policy. “Solidarity always means we must overcome national egoism,” she said, adding that Germany had “far too far” to realize that refugee policy was a European issue.

Solidarity also demanded a commitment to the rule of law, she said, a coded reference to member countries, such as Poland and Hungary, accused of EU institutions to deter democratic values.

She spoke shortly after Romania received an unusually strong punishment by the Commission for “backtracking” on the fight against corruption and the creation of fully independent judiciary.

One of the EU’s newest member states, Romania, has been on the EU’s critical list, as new laws that change the court and abolish certain crimes against corruption last winter sparkle mass protests.

Romania, which will take over the EU rotary presidency as of January 1, was told to end a fair law criticized by independent observers for violation of legal independence. Brussels also called on the Romanian government to resume the process of appointing an independent anti-corruption prosecutor, after the last, was dismissed.

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