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Men arrested after Alabama fan dies in Louisiana bar altercation

November 7, 2018 Sports 1 Views The Alabama Crimson Tide # 1 football team celebrated a 29-0 victory over the…

The Alabama Crimson Tide # 1

football team celebrated a 29-0 victory over the LSU tigers in Baton Rouge last Saturday, but a Alabama fan family is now sad after a bar fighter left the Crimson Tide supporter dead.

Robert Bowers, 46, died in the hospital Tuesday after Saturday night at Ponchatoula Pub, located in Ponchatoula, La. Bowers had gone out to see Alabama taking on LSU at Tiger Stadium on Saturday night, his family told WRBZ. Bowers were knocked unconsciously before being transported to the North Oaks Medical Center in Hammond, La. The 46-year-old was then taken to University Hospital Reception where he died.

On Sunday, Bowers’s daughter, Lexy Bowers, launched a fundraiser campaign on Facebook to cover healthcare costs.

] “My father Robert Bowers got a really bad head injury last night” wrote Lexy Bowers on Sunday. “He showed symptoms of being brain death, but he breathes now and there is a chance that he will do it. Although the chance is really slim, I and my family keep jumping. I beg you please, please pray, send vibes , wish, hope for a miracle to my father! He has no health insurance and if and when he goes through it, he needs help to cover the expenses from the hospital. I ask you to find it in your heart to help this family in need . Although you can not help economically, sharing of this post and prayers is estimated. ”

] Two Men, 27 year-old Azia Crockett and 24-year-old Ryan Anthony have been arrested and charged with crimes against death in connection with Bower’s death. The complete details of what led to the match have not been released, but Polischef Bry Layrisson told WRBZ that ” it did not see Bowers’s aggressor in the meeting.”

The Alabama fan’s family believes that his support for the Crimson Tide during the victory over the LSU motivated the match.

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