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Melanie Griffith reveals Alec Baldwin turned down her advances on 'Working Girl': 'I just had such a crush on him'

December 4, 2018 Entertainment 1 Views Melanie Griffith revealed in a new interview on Monday that she had a "crush"…

It’s been almost 30 years since the romantic-comedy “Working Girl” debuted, and Melanie Griffith is sharing how she truly felt about her co-star Alec Baldwin.

“Alec Baldwin is handsome and charming, and I just had such a crush on him, “the 61

-year-old actress told The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview published on Monday.

” But he would not go there with me. I was like , ‘Oh come on, have a romance with me!’ But no, Alec said, “I can not do this with people I work with,” she explained of Baldwin, who played her boyfriend Mick Dugan in the 1988 film.

Gushed Griffith: “He’s a sweetheart.” [19659007] Alec Baldwin and Melanie Griffith in the 1988 movie “Working Girl.””/>

Alec Baldwin and Melanie Griffith in the 1988 movie “Working Girl.”
(19th Century Fox)

However, even though it did not work out between the couple, Griffith still has director Mike Nichols to thank for another on-set romance.

“But then Mike came to me one day and said that there was this investment banker, a young guy named Liam Dalton, who wanted me to work with, to teach me about mergers and acquisitions, “Griffith, who starred as Tess McGill – a stockbroker’s secretary whose boss (Harrison Ford) takes her idea so she does what it takes to get it back – recalled.

“I was like,” Oh great, I have to work with some dork from Wall Street. ” And then this guy walked in, and he was so gorgeous, so sexy, “she continued. “I was like,” Yeah, tell me about mergers and acquisitions all you want. “

” We had an incredible romance, “Griffith, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her role, added. was my love for a long time after that too. We’re still friends. He lives in New York, is married and has four kids. Han egentlig klarte litt penger for meg for en stund. Mike knew about it and thought it was great, but he wanted me to make sure I concentrated on the job. “

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