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Megyn Kelly finishes the $ 30M exit from NBC

Megyn Kelly is close to completing an exit of $ 30 million from NBC. Sources confirm to Sid Six. The…

Megyn Kelly is close to completing an exit of $ 30 million from NBC. Sources confirm to Sid Six.

The assassinated anchor, who celebrated her 48th birthday Sunday, was dumped from her 9th place on “Today” last month after asking why it was racist to wear Blackface for Halloween.

And when she prepares to sign her termination agreement, Mum plans three that she returns to TV, Sid Six has learned.

Sources say NBC owner Comcast will pay Kelly about $ 30 million. She signed a $ 69 million deal when she joined the network after leaving Fox News 2017.

A source familiar with the negotiations said nothing will happen until next week, admitting: “It will take a little longer than Waited, paperwork goes back and forth. “

Another confirmed:” Everyone wants this to be over &#821

1; both Megyn and NBC and Comcast have money to pay by Megyn. We thought it would be a clear deal for some weeks ago. ”

A senior television source added:” NBC decided to fight and face a trial from her, they – and more importantly, Comcast with all their money – decided to draw a line throughout debut and pay Megyn the full amount due in her contract to leave.

“But this is far from the end of her television career – in the Trump era there are few transmitters like her. Megyn would probably take a short break from television and return to cable news before the 2020 election. “

When Kelly – who had 9 o’clock failed to win over the viewers – made his comments, the backstroke was immediately with” Today

He said, “In fact, she is, with the excuse of the staff, guilty of a major excuse me for people of color around the country. “

“This is a story dating back to the 1830s – minstrel shows that demeaning and denigrating a race was not right. I’m old enough to know, has lived through” Amos & # 39; Andy “, where you had white people in blackface who play two black characters, only enlarge the worst stereotypes about black people – and that’s what the problem is. That’s what the question is.”

Reps for Kelly and NBC refused to comment .

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