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Megyn Kelly asks for privacy from paparazzi after the blackface scandal

Several news sources report that "Megyn Kelly Today" is history, but it remains to see if the journalist will remain…

Megyn Kelly invites the press – and only a media outlet – to leave their children alone.

On a couple of Wednesday’s Wednesday, Kelly described how paparazzi has stood outside her home and accuses Daily Mail of crossing a line by photographing her husband in her home and registering her 7-year-old daughter, Yardley, at school.

“For a week, paparazzi has been cheated outside my home day & nite (sic),” she tweeted . “Finally, today, I took my children to school. I went out alone, offered them monks and asked them to take a picture of me alone and leave my children alone when they arrived. Everyone was nice, except Dailymail … “19659008]” The DailyMail 1st published photos of my husband in our home & then * made * (photograph) my children, trailed us to my daughter’s school, and secretly video-filed my 7 year old child (her classmates too) posted it, ” she continued . “THIS IS NOT RIGHT.”

USA TODAY has reached Daily Mail for comments on Kellys tweets.

Kelly Tweets is the latest update a punitive week for the NBC host whose Megyn Kelly Today show was shaken after she carefully defended Blackface Halloween costumes on her October 23 episode. [19659000] More: Megyn Kelly Will Not Come Back “Fallout: ” Today “continues without Megyn Kelly as a child on her alma mater says blackface never was ok ] 19659008] On Friday, NBC announced that “Megyn Kelly Today” would not return, and that NBC’s 9:00 would host other “Today” gatherers.

Attorney Bryan Freedman, representing Kelly, told Associated Press Friday afternoon that she is still employed by NBC News and negotiations on an extreme step.

NBC and Kelly’s lawyer did not immediately leave US TODAYs requests for more information.

The controversy was brewed after Kelly claimed that “blackface” and “white face” costumes were “OK when I was a kid as long as you were dressing as a character” during the October 23 episode round table discussion.

Kelly apologized The next day in the air, she says “a ldrig has been a PC kind of person, “but learned from rebel about her claims that” blackface is not a part of any costume, Halloween or otherwise. “

A New Study From Hollywood Reporter / Morning Consult published Tuesday that almost half of the 2,202 adults asked that NBC’s decision to suspend “Megyn Kelly Today” was “too hard of consistency.”

] Investigation: NBC Megyn Kelly Today’s Interruption is “Too Hard” After Blackface Comments


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