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Meghan Markles Day Off On Royal Tour Sounds Lovely & * So * Well deserved

Sussex Duke and Duchess make it so easy, but there is no doubt that their royal tour of Australia, Fiji,…

Sussex Duke and Duchess make it so easy, but there is no doubt that their royal tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand must be strenuous. Armed with a smile, a quick joke and a huge dose of PDA, the pair is every inch the modern couple that the royal family needs – but even they need a break sometimes. It was announced recently that Meghan Markle would replace his schedule and opt out of a few events and left a number of Fraser Island engagements in Prince Harry’s handy hands. Given that she is pregnant, I’m honestly afraid that she only just began to slow down. Meghan Markle’s day off on royal tour sounds like it was quite well deserved and now that more details have appeared, I’m also a little jealous.

According to Hello !, Meghan took a fee at Kingfisher Bay Resort &#821

1; an award winning environmental facility located on Fraser Island. The hotel, whose parent company also runs a number of sightseeing tours on the island, seems like it really looked after her as she obviously “had a spot for whale watching” before returning to the luxury fleet.

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The outflow also increased the possibility that Meghan may have taken advantage of a spa day at the resort’s Island Day Spa that offers hot stone massage, and a lot of swish bio-hydra facial treatments to rejuvenate tired skin. The spa is about “a health philosophy that uses natural Australian products” and provides “native Australian plant, fruit and flower extracts” in their relaxing sessions. So even though Meghan was not out to tour the rest of Fraser Island with Prince Harry, she could at least have enjoyed the local Australian culture (in an unusual way).

But it seems that Meghan may have spent his time a bit different. A spokesman for the royal family told hello! “She is not ill or exhausted and is doing well, and in fact she spent some time preparing for the coming days of the tour while the Duke was on duty.” Wait, then Meghan Markle took the day but still did his homework ? She basically sounds like the child my mother wishes she had and it’s quite inspiring to see how well she takes her new role in

Meanwhile, Prince Harry enjoyed the rest of the World Heritage List and was greeted with a traditional welcome to the country’s smoking ceremony of its native Butchalla People. The Butchalla People, who calls the island of Kari Gari (paradise), was photographed and laughed and chatted with the charming king.

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Although the hotel referred to the fact that Meghan and Prince Harry were going to visit the World Heritage List, they also shared some details about the preparations they had made for their stay. They said on their website that “Hundreds of excited guests” lived at Kingfisher Bay Resort, so hope Meghan actually relaxed from the spotlight for a little while.

They said: “Our team has worked behind the scenes to make sure that the resort is ready for our royal visitors.”

Meghan did not have the whole day but when she returned to Prince Harry for a walk along the Kingfisher Pier and she looked like her time had done wonders. (The pregnancy glow is real.) As she walked the famous landmark and said hello to the visitors, she held on her child’s bolt with a soft smile that warmed the heart of this gale. A royal source told Daily Mail “We were worried about [roads] on the island that is incredibly uneven and uncomfortable to anyone, but less pregnant woman. But the duchess was very keen to return with the Duke at the last commitment of the day to greet the people on the island. “I stay an overachiever.

With the Duke and Duchess who just landed in Fiji and just over a week left of his royal tour, it sounds like it’s getting pretty tired and TBH, I just hope they take care of themselves. The fingers crossed they have a well deserved break planned for afterwards.

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