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Meet the babysitter who helps Logan Paul to bump into YouTube

Before Logan Paul was on stage at a plat-earther conference to support a connoisseur conspiracy theory, he told the audience…

Before Logan Paul was on stage at a plat-earther conference to support a connoisseur conspiracy theory, he told the audience that he felt grateful that day. “I want to give a special call to my friend Mike to be a catalyst for all this,” said Paul. “I love you. I love you. He is one of my best friends.”

While many spectators believe the appearance was a stunt, and the Flat Earth Society apparently denied Paul’s involvement in the incident, Paul’s perception of Mike, as apparently encouraged the YouTube star to attend the conference, says Mike, aka Mike Majlak, a self-proclaimed “social lubricant”, has become a fixture in the Logan Paul universe &#821

1; officially as a moral compass for the impulsive YouTuber, but more often as an accomplice for his antics . Earthquake incidents are just one of the most profound results of cooperation between the two.

Their relationship dates back to 2014 when Paul was still in the comparable good grades of social media. He initially sought an introduction to Paul for calculated reasons: at that time Majlak worked as Marketing Manager at LoveSac, a furniture company that would raise awareness of his large bench chairs. Majlak saw an opportunity on platforms like Vine where influencers like Logan Paul raised millions of views from loyal fans. Using Paul’s love for physical stunts, the two worked together on videos there, for example, YouTuber used a snake image to the lob LoveSacs at Motocross legend Travis Pastrana. The partnership was so successful that Majlak on a single marketing claim that Paul helped him sell 2.5 million LoveSacs in a single day.

“We made a couple of brand offers, [and] before you knew we were really good friends,” said Majlak in a podcast interview earlier this year. From the beginning, it sounds like Logan Paul’s recklessness has been a crucial element in their friendship. In the same podcast, Majlak explains that Paul once released an invaluable painting that almost cost Majlak’s job. But these are the kind of antics who apparently brought the two together – and perhaps Paul gave confidence to Majlak officially enter the store after shooting the body of an obvious suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara forest. Here was someone headed by the shoulders, successful in himself, but still fun enough to appreciate Paul’s tendency to the absurd. Maybe he could put Paul on the right track?

After the suicide forest in January, Paul’s future was suddenly in the air. Trademarks canceled their advertising agreement with him. His premium advertising agreement on YouTube was revoked. The name Logan Paul became synonymous with insensitivity, as regards the internet. One month after the controversy, Paul was again on YouTube, but this time his vlogs had a new recurring cast member.

“I’ve been a bad egg lately,” Paul begins. “You know, you’ve seen the news. I’ve made some awful decisions.” Team Maverick decided to take in, essentially a babysitter. Anyone who is still a child and whom I respect, but also kind of has a brain and that is Mike … Every time I go to do something I should not – because I can not count on myself anymore – I work on it, right? But Mike will make sure no bad things happen. “[19659008] He continues to say that Majlak’s job was to stop Paul from making irresponsible choices on YouTube, a role that will stop being a gag in the early 2018 video. While apparently it happens that the bulk of its responsibility ceases to happen before a video is uploaded, Majlak sometimes makes jokes about what the team allows Paul to upload to the platform.

While “YouTuber” is still quite young as a professional career it becomes increasingly common to hire teams to support content creation. For example, Extra Credits, an educational YouTube channel with 1.7 million subscribers, has an auditor who doubles as a lawyer, a community manager, a communications director and a business development manager. Many medium YouTube channels rent teams to help them investigate, edit or shoot, depending on the channel’s needs. Even channels that are largely a single personality may still need to use the help of external forces. Boundary Break, a YouTube channel that explores beyond the camera in video games, still has contributors to help with things like animation.

These are support networks with obvious parallels in traditional entertainment, where great stars can employ entourages, including everything from a hairstyle to a cook to a lawyer. But in the YouTube world, managers are a newer phenomenon for influencers. So many of the controversies born on the platform, from anti-Semitic stunts to unfulfilled fiascos events, seem to have a common denominator: lack of experience and monitoring. YouTube has its terms of use and a generally misunderstood algorithm that determines what content is getting the most marketing, but most of the video company prefer a handsfree approach for its creators. Being a YouTuber is like living in a wild vest of outrageous content.

During their early vlog performances, Paul plays up Majlak’s supervisory role, at a point that also sticks to the back for not does something brash and irrational in front of Majlak, like kicking a ball inside a store . “It’s something that an indifferent person would do,” says Paul.

A gag in a Logan Paul vlog.

Later, after the YouTube documentary, Shane Dawson launched a series about Logan’s younger brother Jake Paul, Majlak can be seen in the background of a defensive video where Jake rejects speculation about his mental health. While Majlak hardly says anything in the movie, he leaves the impression that he is there to make sure Jake does not say anything that can make him in trouble, especially considering the video’s tricky character. Logan claims that he is not a sociopath, but has sociopathic trends .

For people who have not seen the introductory videos, it’s easy to confuse Majlak for just another of Logan Paul’s friends, someone who’s primarily looking for comedic support and merchandise plugs. If Logan Paul is driving over a car, Majlak can be in the passenger seat. If Logan Paul decides to prank his brother with a cooler full of rotten food, Majlak is up and helps him to secure the package with channel tape. While Majlak’s original role was apparently to be the one who says “no” to Logan Paul, sins are condemned, he seems to have become a yes man over time. During a video uploaded in March, Paul and Majlak urged a BMX cyclist to break Paul’s thanks, even though Paul’s true boss screamed at a distance. “This can not happen.” “He wrote the submission,” replies Paul. [19659016] While neither Paul’s law nor Majlak responded to The Verge ‘s wishes for comments, it is possible that his role in the Maverick House changes over time. During an early vlog on his channel, Majlak briefly touches an action plan that Logan Paul elaborated before returning to YouTube. It is unclear whether Majlak played an advisory role. This month, Majlak moved into Paul’s home, which YouTuber celebrated by planting a real alligator in Majlak’s room.

Majlak is also a co-founder of Paul’s new podcast, which includes a new episode saying he helps Logan to earn money. The broadcast, coupled with Paul’s boxing stall this year, makes it as if he is trying to diversify his income streams in a long-format format where it’s harder to have stunts missfire. Nevertheless, Majlak suggests that he still does his part to keep Paul on track and focus, including by ensuring that he does not get distracted by dating.

“I’m one of the most important guys responsible for continuing to drive freakin revenue here, so my main goal is that when I see him getting too tight with a girl, I like to run out of trouble,” said Majlak. [19659018] In a year full of visible controversies and creators burnout, one of the biggest conversations YouTube’s have with each other is about the importance of having the right kind of support network. Some YouTubers prefer to do everything on their own, meaning they have no controls or balances to keep them on track. Other YouTubers have people around them, but fame and influence make it difficult to force in a star. Even YouTubers who get the feedback they may need may not be willing to listen or seek help until after a backlash A week before the events in Japan, Paul received a warning from his former girlfriend about his relatives whom he did not listen to.

“Yes, this betee Ndet will bite in the ass “he says she told him on time. “I do not know how I do not know when, but you will crash and burn.”

Logan Paul may probably still be up to his old Jackass style trick, but on his channel these days the stunts feel safe compared to some of the things he got up in 2017. And even more important, despite failure at the beginning of the year, his career is still alive. Paul’s podcast, meanwhile, paints a picture of a creator who wants to move away from his young audience on YouTube. Each upload comes with a warning that the content is “only for mature audiences”.

What we saw in Japan then comes as an unfortunate side effect of YouTube’s slow realization that controversy is often a quick trace to a lot of opinions – but these views can have consequences. Hollywood learned this lesson a long time ago but the necessity of creator construction and professional guidance is likely to be a growing concern for the video platform until 2019. One of Shane Dawson’s proposals for the equally infamous Jake Paul at the end of his documentary series is that he might need hire someone to advise him. Majlak is probably one of the first of many YouTube fixers to come.

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