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Meet “Los pillos”, the new Clash Royale letter

[embedded content] Clash Royale was a game with a very successful launch: from the first day it went on to…

Clash Royale was a game with a very successful launch: from the first day it went on to occupy the top 10 most downloaded games on Google Play. Unlike Pokémon GO, Supercell has managed to maintain its popularity to this day .

One of the reasons why the popularity of Clash Royale continues to rise is thanks to the integration of new letters , that is to say, that from time to time they change the game experience with a new troop to discover. Today, we welcome the “Pillos”.

Meet the new twins of Clash Royale

Indeed, today Clash Royale of welcome to a new letter in his arena, a troop formed by 3 subjects who call themselves “the rascals” . Specifically, it is formed by two “girls pillars” and a “child pillo”, which has the function of defending their friends while they throw “gum” to their enemies.

Therefore, the function of this letter is very simple: perform the damage with the girls pillars while we distracted with the rogue child . The latter has 1600 points of life at the tournament level, more or less the same as a launcher. The girls, on the other hand, perform 110 damage every 1.1 seconds each.

Meet"Los pillos", the new Clash Royale letter

It is a common letter, that is, you can go up to level 13, and it costs five to elixir invoke it. Supercell, as usual, has opened a new tournament today in his name . Participate for the first time is free, and if you get the 12 victories without losing more than three times, you will have 14 days before “Los Pillos”.

It seems that this month Supercell has put the batteries with Clash Royale , and it is also recently we gaveand the odd nod to more news that will come in the future. Recently they also retouched some characteristics of their cards like the popular nerf to the Ice Spirit.

What do you think about the idea of ​​this new letter?


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