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MediaTek, or how to make a 2018 mobile look like 2013

MediaTek, or how to make a 2018 mobile look like 2013

Today, I returned to 2013, with a terminal launched in 2018, who said that there were no trips in time? Yes, It may seem that we exaggerate when we say that Qualcomm is infinitely better than MediaTek , and far from it. With our hopes placed on the latest mid-range processors of the Chinese brand, and the vote of confidence in a terminal that should not give performance problems, we have encountered problems of at least 5 years ago .

How true is that you do not know what you have until you lose it , and that is although we see it totally normal that current smartphones run everything fluently, there are still terminals that go to pedals . Today, I tell you my week with a MediaTek mobile, one of the worst experiences I’ve been able to experience in recent months.

MediaTek, your processors are years behind the competition

MediaTek, or how to make a 2018 mobile look like 2013

MediaTek, or how to make a 2018 mobile look like 2013

First of all, to say that I come from a terminal with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, one of the best of today, and to which I have become accustomed. However, I am so used to trying out Qualcom’s 6XX range terminals, that I already know how most mid-range phones will work, but every now and then one gets an unpleasant surprise .

MediaTek still does not offer real alternatives to Qualcomm, its best mid-range barely reaches the level of the low-end Qualcomm, the 400, and has long since they stopped making “high-end” processors , due to the resounding failure they got in previous generations.

Some ghosts of the past that have fled

Since not everything is going to be bad, I’ll start talking about how little good I’ve found . To give you an idea of ​​the configuration I have used, I leave you here with the list.

As you can see, a priori it is not at all a bad configuration in a telephone, although I had some suspicions that it was not going to work well . First, 6000mAh are unable to make more than 7h of screen . Taking into account that my personal mobile phone – with Qualcomm processor – reaches these figures with 3500mAh and a QHD panel, we can confirm that the P23 energy management is anything but good.

Secondly, the terminal lags until it’s enough . Surprisingly, is not able to move PUBG even in medium resolution , and has serious performance problems in actions as basic as opening applications.

In this small clip that we have recorded, you can appreciate how the terminal has lag until opening the launcher , and when it comes to switching apps, despite having 4 GB of RAM, it is not able to do so smoothly. The certain thing is that you could think that it is a punctual problem of our unit, but We have tested several terminals with this configuration , and the performance remains the same.

We are very sorry that in full 2018, one of the best MediaTek processors is not able to move freely , and that is that the lag is something that would have to be practically prohibited at this point. Tell us about your experience with these processors, and if you think that Qualcomm will continue to dominate for years to come.