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In a press release this week, the Missouri Department of Conservation thanked thousands of deer hunters who participated in their…

In a press release this week, the Missouri Department of Conservation thanked thousands of deer hunters who participated in their mandatory CWD sampling efforts last weekend in 31 counties.

Thanks to hunter’s participation, MDC collected more than 20,000 tissue samples Last weekend from harvested deer for CWD testing, said the release.

According to MDC, compulsory sampling dramatically increases the number of tissue samples that the conservation department can collect in a short period of time. The increased number of samples gives MDC researchers a much better understanding of the distribution and incidence of the disease &#821

1; where it is and how many deer it can have. It can also help find new cases in new areas.

MDC adds that the opening mass of the firearms hero season is the most popular two hunting days for most deer hunters. Hunters take about one third of our state’s total annual deer harvest over these two days. Focusing on this key weekend, MDC provides the best opportunity to gather most tissue samples during a highly concentrated period of time.

MDC has also collected nearly 800 tissue samples for CWD tests in recent months through its ongoing voluntary CWD sampling effort and from fatal and ill deer.

MDC sends test samples to an independent testing laboratory and will report test results when they become available. Stay up to date on test results received by MDC at under CWD in Missouri.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been no documented cases of CWD in humans, but it is important to prevent human exposure to CWD. As a precautionary measure, CDC strongly advises hunters to harvest deer tested for CWD before eating the meat if the animal is harvested from an area where CWD has been found. CDC also recommends that you do not consume an animal that tests positive for the disease. Read more at under Human Health Risk.

MDC continues voluntary CWD sampling throughout the year

Hunters harvesting deer somewhere in Missouri throughout the deer hunting season – Sept. 15 to Jan. 15. – can get its harvested deer sampled for free CWD testing at selected MDC offices across the state and through participating taxidermists and meat processors located in the CWD management zone. Sampling is voluntary.

MDC asks hunters for field gown and Telecheck deer before being taken for sampling. Hunters can bring whole field-clothed deer, or just the head with about six inches in the neck of the place. The head that has the cap removed for taxidermy can be tested.

Find volunteer sampling sites and more information at during Volunteer CWD sampling throughout the season.

Hunters can get free test results for their deer from both mandatory and voluntary CWD sampling online at Due to the volume of test samples submitted, the test results will take up to four weeks from the date of submission.

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