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Mayans M.C. Final connected to the sons of anarchy in a big shocking way

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Warning: Many spoilers forward for season 1 final of Mayans M.C. on FX.

Mayans M.C. eventually ended the airwaves in 201

8 as the long-awaited spinoffen of Sons of Anarchy and it quickly turned out to be a big hit. The show can have a long future before it on FX and the season 1 final guarantees that the fans will die to find out what’s next but how long the wait is until season 2. The episode presented some unexpected and shocking bands back to Sons of Anarchy which saw likely to come.

The most unexpected binding to Sons of Anarchy in the Mayans final came with the bomb screen revealing who was murdered EZ’s mother years ago. The mystery of her death has been an undercurrent of the series, although none of Reyes’s men explicitly lived on her. After all, unless EZ’s quest to track her murderer, he would never have wrapped himself behind the bars. Who could have guessed that the truth would lead to a character Son

Yes, the truth behind the great mystery is that nobody other than Happy Lowman killed the EZ’s mother. EZ finally learned the truth when the Mayans were joined by some SAMCRO members at a party, what should have been a happy event for all. Well, so pleasing an event as possible for a show in the Sons of Anarchy universe, anyway.

Gladness’s arrival took him face to face with EZ, who realized that Glad is the man who killed his mother. His role as a guardian of the Sons of Anarchy enabled him to become very violent with those who came in his and SAMCRO’s way, so it’s not shocking that he would kill someone. That he killed Reyes matriarch of all people comes as a shock. The episode did not reveal why Glad killed EZ’s mother, but the twist seems to promise more crossings between Mayans and Son .

Showrunner Kurt Sutter weighed into Happy Twist, and revealed that it was not the culmination of an arc that he had planned from the beginning. In addition, Glad as the Murderer is not just an Sons of Anarchy cameo for a cameo skull. Instead, the inclusion extends the scope of Mayans M.C. and connects it to the greater mythology already in place thanks to Son . In a chat with THR, Sutter had this to say about Glad as the murderer of EZ’s mother:

I began to think about the payment with EZ chasing the lonely man who killed his mother. I wish it would pay off and find out who that guy was and connect that guy to the greater mythology. I did not know if there would be a cartel guy. Should there be a police? Would it have anything to do with EZ’s dad? In the season’s design I realized: “What happens if we cross the mythology already there?” We did the historical mythology homework to realize at the time [EZ’s mom died] Happy was a Nomad. We established him as a button guy and a killer for rent. That part worked, insofar as it did not affect mythology Son . He was not a member of the charter at that time. He was free and clear. Then that was the trick, how do we allow EZ to get it uncovered? It can not be someone he has seen before. We determined that it’s not how they buy their weapons. In an earlier episode, we saw that they bought guns from the San Bernardino charter [of the Sons of Anarchy] so there was no direct conflict with Charmig or with Redwood. We could cross mythologies in a way that I’m good at, because it does not affect mythology at all.

If the happy twist was not sufficient for a connection to Anarchisons there was another. Jax Teller is explicitly mentioned on Mayan M.C. for the first time. We have long known that we would not hold the breath of Charlie Hunnam in any way to repeat the role of Mayans so the name case was a nice treat. How it happened.

The Mayans sat at the table to discuss a new arrangement with regard to delivering the cartel. The Mayans concluded that SAMCRO could deliver the cartel “under the radar”, go through the Mayans to keep feds out of the whole situation. The deal would allow the Mayans to continue their relationship with the charming chapter in SAMCRO which was the center of the Sons of Anarchy .

Marcus Alvarez was the only one who mentioned Jax and said the following:

Our club has a relationship with charming. Volatile past but a profitable peace. I will make sure that I keep this promise to Jax Teller.

Sentimentality aside, Bishop did his job as a leader and made it clear that it would be their chapter to handle business between SAMCRO and the cartel. Therefore, the entire group must be aboard the risky arrangement. Not surprisingly, the Mayans gave unanimous approval, and the scene is set for more Sons of Anarchy crossovers in the future of Mayan MC

. Only time will tell you how far spinoff will go in contact with her parent show. Mayans has already shown that it can stand on its own without relying on Son’s for materials so that future surprises will hopefully only enrich new arcs. We have to wait and see.

Mayans M.C. was renewed for a second season back in October, so there is no need to worry that there will never be any payout on cliff hanger. The rating was excellent initially, which shows that it has the potential to cut out a niche on the FX to last for years. The second season is slated to debut at some point in 2019.

For some viewing options earlier than the New Year, turn off our Autumn TV Premiere Schedule. If you are in the mood to relive some of Sons of Anarchy glory days, you can find serial streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

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