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May appeal to polls like Gibraltar Spat Drawn on: Brexit Update

(Bloomberg) – Follow @Brexit on Twitter, join our Facebook group and sign up for our Brexit Bulletin.Prime Minister Theresa May…

(Bloomberg) – Follow @Brexit on Twitter, join our Facebook group and sign up for our Brexit Bulletin.

Prime Minister Theresa May is struggling to win domestic backing for her Brexit store and appeals directly to voters over politicians.

Gibraltar has emerged as a last minute snap as May competes to complete the line. It does some assignments directly to the public to seek help. The Government Launches Brexit Rebuttal Blog (5:12 pm)

Theresa May’s government has taken the unusual step of launching a blog to “offer rebuttal to criticism and incorrect reporting in the direction of Parliament’s meaningful vote “on the prime minister’s Brexit deal.

The blog so far contains answers to a City AM article about “the 10 capitals of Theresa May” and a spectator who gives the “court of justice” in May. It rejects various statements in both articles as “wrong” and “false”.

Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt gave his support to May in a Facebook Live video Friday, saying he had received a “large number” of emails Who asks about her Brexit store and if it’s a sale.

He said it offers what people voted for and they have to ask themselves now have seen both the political declaration and the recall, “can this agreement be a staging mail to what you want?” He added that the prime minister has the hardest job with any Western-led leader.

It is worth remembering that there is a domestic political background to Spain’s position on Gibraltar’s elections on 2 December in Andalusia, a traditional capital of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez socialist party. Fitch Solutions made the point today in a research note that says Sanchez’s sincere position on Gibraltar’s textual words can increase their appeal to voters in a region next to the cradle.

Spain may have jumped the gun. A junior EU minister, Marco Aguiriano, said that “we have a commitment or promise from the British government to declare that they share the interpretation” in Spain with regard to Gibraltar. But there is no sign that U.K. have bidged on this issue. An EU diplomat said that U.K. has been asked to make a statement, but there is no guarantee that it will come.

In the draft summits concluded by Bloomberg, there are two site owners for sections left blank. The first placeholder is called “Article 184 of the Recall Agreement” and the second “Territorial Scope of Future Agreements”. Both seem to be related to Gibraltar and are the only loose ends left in an otherwise done business. Draft forms in these sections will be circulated tonight, the EU diplomat will tell if there is a British statement or not.

With its former Brexit secretary who said earlier Friday May the deal is worse than staying in the European Union, even the prime minister could not be driven to give a resounding support for Brexit.

If a BBC listener asked if Britain would get better after Brexit, she hesitated before eventually saying that Britain could build a better future outside the EU.

“There is another kind of environment and another approach we will take on things, says May.” What makes us better is not that much if we are in the EU or not, but what we can do. “

May was asked in a BBC phone-What happens if the deal does not come through parliament for the first time. This is generally seen as a risk. “

” About This deal does not go through what’s happening, we’ll be back in the square, “said May. “What we end up with is more uncertainty and more division, sincerely.”

She ruled that the European Union is willing to renegotiate the deal and said that “this is the deal”.

High Assistants to EU leaders met in Brussels and, as expected, they approved the political declaration on the future relations between the block and Britain, an official who are familiar with the meeting behind the door told us. As the text is now considered stable, it is unlikely that EU governments will accept changes either after maize visits to Brussels on Saturday or to satisfy Spain over Gibraltar.

In Gibraltar, sherpas failed to formulate a planned separate statement to be issued at the Sunday Summit and intended to address Spain’s concern, the official told us. Two other officials said the work continues, and even though we are not there yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as more calls are scheduled for this afternoon.

“We are working hard,” Michel Barnier said when asked about the matter after the meeting.

Officials also added additional additions to a separate addition, which will be attached to the Sunday Summit in the EU. The annex points out that an EU-U.K. construction of fisheries agreements “on existing mutual access and quotas” and that any decision to extend the transitional period will take into account that U.K. fulfills its obligations under the Recall Agreement, including its protocols from Northern Ireland. EU governments will promise to be directly involved in any decision to extend the transitional period.

The Gibraltar compromise is being pursued, says Barnier (12:09)

“We work hard”, EU boss Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier says when asked if a compromise on Gibraltar has been reached.

EU and Spanish officials who continue to work for a satisfactory solution, reflected in the EU statement on Sunday after aid associations, failed to conclude an agreement on Gibraltar during a Friday morning meeting in Brussels to discuss Brexit.

Spain’s State Secretary for the European Union Luis Marco Aguiriano told Onda Cero Radio earlier this morning that the chances of agreement were six out of 10.

EU Tight-Lipped On Gibraltar Issue (11:40 am)

A spokesman of the European Commission dodged a series of questions from journalists on the subject of Gibraltar during the daily press conference in Brussels. When asked if the line could lead to the launch of the Sunday EU summit, Alexander Winterstein said: “I expect it to take place.”

Responding to criticism from the Commission and the head of Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier about the Gibraltar issue, he said that they had been “bargained in good faith”. He said that the text in the Brexit agreement agreed “in principle” and it still needed approval from national governments.

Strategies to reach agreement through parliament (11:23)

With the eyes now on how May will defy parliamentary mathematics to get its deal through, her spokesman was asked about something that has become known as the two-stage voting process. In essence, it would mean that the government would get a defeat at the first attempt, make sure the markets melt and then resume voting by joking legislators for submission.

Mais spokesman Alison Donnelly said it was absolutely not the government’s strategy. An official who spoke of anonymity said it would be an extremely responsible company.

This is the rumor that started.

Give us our money back (10:52 a.m.)

UK. Legislature, anger of payments to the EU after Brexit, tries to find ways to recover money. Parliament’s Defense Committee and the European Audit Committee this week took evidence of a junior defense minister Stuart Andrew, who told them that Britain had contributed EUR 1.15 billion to the EU Galileo satellite navigation system.

The EU refuses to give Britain full access to the secure parts of the program after Brexit, and Britain has promised to go alone with its own set of navigation satellites. The heads of the two committees, Julian Lewis and Bill Cash, flagged the spending in a statement on Thursday, with Lewis saying “we should demand a discount with the interest of that sum.”

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis is the last to call in May to rethink his Brexit plan and say in a blog on the Huffington Post news that the conservatives risk losing the next general election otherwise.

“If this declaration is allowed to stand and the selection agreement is approved, we will not be easily forgiven and we will inevitably sleep on a fall at the next general election,” he said.

Davis added that the draft agreement means that Britain will “really not leave in March” and will instead be caught in backstop and link to EU institutions.

EU officials meet in Brussels to sign out of the agreement (10:20 am)

Aides to EU leaders from 2 7 member states known as sherpas meet in Brussels today to print the agreement on future EU-EU relations. The meeting, which began at 10 o’clock in the morning, should hopefully pave the way for the summit on Sunday to simply rubberized the deal.

The risk is that, after trying to counter the objections of the individual countries by raising the agreement

Avoid “Thelma & Louise Brexit, Gibraltar Chief Says (9am)

With Spain threatening to veto Brexit agreement (which it can not) In Gibraltar, the prime minister of the territory, Fabian Picardo, calmly appealed. If Spain succeeds in resuming the text of the agreement at a summit this weekend, it will allow Tories in London and the French government and others to demand changes in

Picardo told BBC Radio 4 today’s program that MEPs should take back the deal rather than drive the UK to a chaotic outcome. “We are paid to provide security for individuals’ lives and opportunities for business, “he said.” Anyone who says my political opinion, my political prospect is that we should drive over this cliff like a police k Thelma & Louise do not think about the interests of Britain or Gibraltar. “

Hinds says Parliament will block No Deal Brexit (8:20 am)

May sent his education secretary Damian Hinds on airwaves on Friday to defend its plan and support it for it. He was not convinced that the MPs will return to the package and just say that while there seemed to be no support now, it will get “more traction” before it comes to a vote.

Hinds essentially supported the perception that Parliament eventually won not allow Britain to crash out of the EU without agreement. It is probably right that there is no parliamentary majority without doing anything, he told BBC Radio’s Today program.

The minister also agreed that the review of a future trade agreement – published on Thursday – does not reiterate MAY’s promise of “frictionless” trade between the United Kingdom and the EU.

Raab says the agreement will be announced (07:50)

Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab predicted that maize’s agreement “inevitably” will be voted down when Parliament has its word. At that time, alternative plans – including a settlement from No Deal – will need to be considered, “he said.

The former minister – who ended Mays cabinet in protest against her plans last week – renewed her criticism of her business in an interview with BBC Radio 4’s current program. He said the EU would lock U.K. in its trading system without saying anything about the rules, so that Britain can not get a “competitive advantage” over the block. “We would have to kowtow to them.”

May appeal to the public (7:30 am)

May will try to sell its Brexit store directly to the public on Friday with a simultaneous BBC radio and television quiz and response session.

Her plan seems to be causing the public to put pressure on parliamentarians to vote for her business when she puts it to the house – probably in December.

On the current view, May seems to struggle to get enough of its own party on board to win the so-called “meaningful vote”.

Veteran Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith – Influenced by Other Eurosceptic Tories – says her agreement with the EU for future trade negotiations is not enough to persuade him to vote for the Prime Minister’s overall package.

Former Minister Greg Hands told German Radio There are about 80 conservative MEPs who either oppose it or will not vote for it. He is skeptical, but will not necessarily “vote” against it.

Northern Ireland DUP Diggers in (7:30 am)

DUP legislator Jeffrey Donaldson said that Parliament will vote for maize Brexit agreements, given that some elements are “unacceptable.” In an interview with the RTE transmitter, he released a threatened threat to the party’s continued support to MAY’s minority administration, saying that the supply agreement continues “at the moment” but Brexit is an “important” part of the agreement. 19659068] Coming up:

May lead Brussels on Saturday to meet the EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker


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