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Material Design 2 uncovered: the future design of Google applications

For a long time, we know that Google is working on renewed design guides , that sooner or later will…

Material Design 2 uncovered: the future design of Google applications

For a long time, we know that Google is working on renewed design guides , that sooner or later will replace what we know today as Material Design. The company not only intends to extend this new style, known as Material Design 2 , to its main services and applications, such as Chrome , Maps or the search engine’s own app , but that Android will be one of the platforms most affected by the change of structure at an aesthetic level, starting from Android P.

So far, however, Google has only allowed us to see a small preview of everything that is coming to your platforms at the design level. And it has not been until today when, thanks to one of the applications of the great G , we have the best opportunity to see in more detail the future design language that, sooner rather than later, it will flood Android and all the services that make it up.

Material Design 2 is already shown in the ‘My account’ section of Google Play services

The images have been extracted by 9to5Google in the latest version of the search engine app, and belong to the “My account” menu located in the Google Play services settings . Apparently, this is one of the first points of the system interface in which Google has applied the design Material Design 2 in its final form.

Nothing else to access the menu in question, we see how the content is organized in a lower navigation bar, which collects different shortcuts. The first one, “Cuenta”, shows an appearance that has little to do with the Material Design design that we all know today, and goes on to adopt a clearer appearance, in which menus and cards stand out for their rounded corners. To highlight even more, Google uses its Typography Product Sans in practically the entire interface.

If we happen to see some of the new menus, we also come across different design components that do not exist in the first edition of Material Design. First, the options panel itself will appear from the bottom and show rounded corners, and the selected elements are highlighted in blue. Also, if a new card appears in the main panel, this sample a “New” notice in green, in the form of a label located on the left.

In principle, these are all the news related to the new design language that we can see in this configuration panel of the Google app. But that is not really important. Stephen Hall, of 9to5Google , points out that this is, as confirmed by sources close to the company, the final redesign that will reach each and every one of the applications developed by Google .

And the truth is that many of the platforms and services of the great G they are already laying the foundations of the new design, based on strange updates that in some cases they break more things than they fix , but that invisibly to the user, are creating the foundations that facilitate the company’s transition to Material Design 2, once the moment arrives . Meanwhile, all we have left is to wait, and trust that the Google I / O 2018 be the scenario chosen by Mountain View to offer more details about this new design philosophy

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