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Maryland student government to protest DJ Durkins reintroduction

Jonathan Allen, Marylands Student Union President, told ESPN that the students are "upset" by the board's decision. Everyone will introduce…

Jonathan Allen, Marylands Student Union President, told ESPN that the students are “upset” by the board’s decision. Everyone will introduce emergency legislation at a student federation meeting Wednesday night that will require University President Wallace Loh to shoot Durkin. Sources told ESPN that Loh, who announced Tuesday that he will retire in June, just returned Durkin after the government board threatened to shoot the president if he did not restore the coach.

“People are afraid of this,” Allen said. “When I talked to stakeholders – media, alumni, donors – in recent months, as this has become transparent, they all said there is no way that Durkin will come back from this. But yet he returns and the president is the one which is leaving?

“When the system fails, the next apparent step is a grassroots shot, which is vocal and shows the insurgency and feelings the students have had with these decisions.”

Allen, hoping to meet with Loh later on Wednesday to understand His view of the decision, says the chairman of the board committee, James Brady, in the first place to decide to restore Durkin and sports director Damon Evans.

“It could not have worked better for President Brady,” said Allen, a senior of Florida major in government and politics. “He did not have to buy Durach’s multimillion contract [-dollar]. He did not have to buy Damon Evans contract, did not have to postpone a president and possibly have litigation if President Loh felt that there was not enough reason, bought [former Maryland football strength coach] Rick Court, which was the root of many concerns, for $ 315,000.

“The only person who paid as the McNair family represented said was Jordan, and it was with his life. That is why we are upset.”

Allen handed out to McNair’s parents, Marty McNair and Tonya Wilson, through their lawyers, saying he hopes they can participate in Thursday’s rally.

The federal government federation announced rally Tuesday night on Facebook, and by late Wednesday morning more than 1000 people had either confirmed that they would participate in rally or expressed interest. Many student groups coordinate the event, including College Democrats, College Republicans, the Black Student Union and the University’s NAACP chapter.

Allen said the first time of the rally, 3:30 p.m. outside McKeldin Library, could be adjusted because it violates Maryland football training and he wants players to participate. He has reached several players on the team.

“In the end, it’s about them,” Allen said. “If they want to be present, we will do what we can to make sure they are there and that we support them, but we can.”

Everyone will also suggest Wednesday night a dramatic reduction in Maryland’s compulsory student fees going to the sports department. Every Maryland student pays $ 406 a year to Terrapin’s athletics track.

“Students have said since the summer,” How should I have to financially support a sports department that does not share the same values ​​as me? “” Allen said.

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