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Marvel has a vein with The Avengers and we do not say it only at a film or comic level. With so many different characters and abilities, it was to be expected that new games inspired by these superheroes would soon appear on the market, beyond the classic fighting games. This is what happened in the past and this is the case with MARVEL Battle Lines, the new Clash Royale of The Avengers for iOS and Android

Although Fortnite has snatched success to Clash Royale , the SuperCell game continues to have millions of players hooked. Its card game system has been cloned into numerous applications, and something seems to be happening now with the new game from Marvel and Nexon who have just announced a new partnership to develop a new card game called MARVEL Battle Lines . As you can imagine, your game system will be more than similar to the SuperCell title.

MARVEL Battle Lines

This will not be the first card game that MARVEL publishes in the App Store or Google Play Store, but it is the new attempt to bring the experience Clash Royale to the universe of MARVEL . Years ago, it was published War of Heroes but it did not enjoy the approval of the users. that is why this time, with a big name like Nexon taking the reins, it is likely that the game will enjoy greater success than the mentioned title. This developer has already been in charge of adapting Titanfall or Dynasty Warriors games to mobile devices, so he is an experienced player in this field.

MARVEL Battle Lines, the Clash Royale of The Avengers for iOS and Android

MARVEL Battle Lines, the Clash Royale of The Avengers for iOS and Android

Talking about MARVEL Battle Lines , we find a strategic card game that will feature such charismatic characters as Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, StarLord, Spiderman, or Captain America. The game now begins its development, but we already know that each of the cards can be used in the game to learn more about each character in question before launching into the battle.

The official announcement indicates that the game will feature a new story written by the writer of Marvel , Alex Irvine and that you can relive iconic moments in special events with exclusive rewards. It is to be expected that a large part of the successors occurred in Infinty War are replicated in MARVEL Battle Lines since the company promises hundreds of unique cards that cover all the temporary lines of the MCU.

There is still no release date for the apps for iOS Y Android .